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Express yourself to flush out the negativity

Allow me to begin with a small composition of mine: Speak Speak speak... you speak SPEAK WITH AUTHORITY, SPEAK WITH CLARITY... make sure you get heard when you speak Irrespective of the language YOU SPEAK... as long as you have a voice, you speak don’t wary the criticisms and the questions ... as long as you are right, you speak Don’t worry about losing them,...

You cannot be happy if your monotonous life misses any of three E’s

Do you pick up and eat whatever life throws at you? Does submission to destiny define your monotonous life? monotonous life: If you could sense any bit, let’s unlock the unsung reality. Nobody knows what’s coming, but what worse than settling down with customary existence; as repetitive as a seconds’ ticker. If your life ride is sans the three E’s- Exploration,...

Boring life? 4 super effective ways to break the monotony

Kind attention: Read if your fight is not only materialistic in nature but also for eternal happiness while fighting! Boring life: What defines your monotonous life? My monotony of life? This generation’s monotonous life? A haunting tradition following since the X generation! It’s a pre-defined conventional journey — starts with a super active kid in school, an adventurous teenager in college days, and...

Cricket is life…Life is Cricket

life as like cricket
Cricket is life...Life is cricket : If you are living in a country called India, I am sure you could relate to any of the two emotional phrases in the title. It is just that you define one of the phrases. This is where the article becomes a must-read for you. Forget Fear, Do Something Different.” ― Mahendra Singh Dhoni...

25 Ways to Achieve Anything  You want in Life

Struggling to discover the success ways? As minors, most of us are fortunate to have parents guide us to our next move. In schools and colleges, we have teachers and professors as our mentors.    But as soon as we turn into independent individuals, most of us...

Why is there so much negativity in this world?

Straight out, it is your way of looking at things and people. Negativity is only the one side of the coin. Yes, there could be many things happening around you that you don’t like. In fact, there are two set of things leading to negativity... Things happening around you, which can be seen by everyone... Every another day, you read...

Either you are nude or naked; know the difference?

Either you are nude or naked; know the difference? Nude or Naked : I wish you undress; watching you nude would be a wonderful treat. Now before you judge;   It’s your mental body I’m talking about! Sounds silly? it’s not:   Uncovering your mental body is paramount as covering your physical body. Pondering over differences between nude and naked? According to Vocabulary.com, 'If you have...

What is right and what is wrong?

Am I right or am I wrong? This question comes to your mind before and after any action. Let us try to find an answer. Dear friend, you have your right-wrong beliefs in different spheres- personal, professional, political, economic and so on. But a person’s life mainly revolves around two spheres-personal and professional. Involving these two spheres, let us take the help...

A conscious mind is a gateway to happiness

Yes, it all starts with your mind...

What is the difference between ‘Loser attitude and Nothing to lose attitude’?

Before evaluating the differences, let's find out the similarity between both the attitude.  Did you notice that both the attitude have four consecutive letters in common-'LOSE'? You know what does it mean? It means that both the attitude(loser/nothing to lose) are provoked by a loss. Now, there are two possible conditions involving a loss.  You are on the verge of losing. ...






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