How to overcome fear?

How to overcome fear?

To overcome fear, let’s understand:

What is Fear?

Fear is just your mind’s creation which is a result of overthinking, or too much anticipation about anything. It is about the future which has nothing to do with your present.

It’s better to consciously avoid the thoughts leading to fears. But I’m sure you were unable to do that, that’s why you are here, seeking a solution in this article.

Let’s decode your fear…

I feel the problem begins when you try to run away from it instead of facing it. And this is what lands you to fear most of the time.

Sometimes, the anxiety about a future event gives way to stress. Gradually, stress makes you apprehensive. Finally, apprehension gives way to fear.

Always remember that it is not the fear, but the fear of fear, which is your biggest fear.

Let’s come straight to the point:

How to overcome fear?

Well, you have to dive into the river to cross it. You cannot savor the food unless you taste it. It is as simple as that. Similarly, you cannot overcome your fear unless you feel it.

And to overcome fear, you need to first accept the fact that you are fearful. And then, you need to listen to your fears carefully.

Make sure you don’t try to run away from it. Never try to find an escape route without facing it. It’s a big blunder you are committing.

This way, you’ll never be able to win over that fear. You will never be able to prepare yourself to face your fear.

You just cannot change the situations every time, make sure you are always in control to chose a response to it.

When you have clarity about a response to a situation, you would not want to run away from it. It’ll make you feel confident, not apprehensive about it.

When there is clarity, you trust your instincts and back it with a positive attitude. You take the problem head-on.

You do not overthink, and you do not fear, as simple as that!