How to overcome fear?


Well, you have to dive into the river to cross it. You cannot savor the food unless you taste it. It is as simple as that. Similarly, you cannot overcome your fear unless you face it. Always remember that it is not the fear, but the ‘fear of fear,’ which is responsible for failures

Sometimes, the anxiety of doing something gives way to stress. Gradually, stress makes you apprehensive. Finally, apprehension gives way to fear.  

Therefore, one needs to calm down to assess the situation and act upon it accordingly. You need to accompany your thoughts with actions. It’s always a win-win situation. Either you win, or you learn.

Low inner-self attributes like self-confidence and self-esteem also initiate fear. My dear friend, whatever you do, do it confidently because either way, you are doing it. Trust your instincts and back it with a positive attitude. Take the problem head-on.

Do not over-think about a situation. It may initiate negative thoughts, and that will ultimately lead to your downfall.

Share your thoughts with the person who can help you in particular situation. A helping hand can boost you in many ways.

Do not let the expectations of others suppress you. Do not give much attention to what will people think. You may fall; Rest assured, you will rise for yourself, all by yourself.



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