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Negativity and Failure

At the brink of losing, I found myself

found myself
"I found that with depression, one of the most important things you could realise is that you're not alone." ~Dwayne Johnson Did you ever bow down to your mind demons? I have... but that experience taught me the best lifetime-lesson. My life was not a fairytale. But fortunately, my fight was never for bread and butter.  I had every means to suffice...

Why feeling negative emotions is the biggest blessing?

Negative Emotions? Do you feel negative emotions? Sadness because of missing someone; Dejected by cause of a betrayal; Heart-broken after facing criticism; Fear in anticipation of failures; Anger because of lack of self-love; I’m sure you have...

5 Positive Lessons Only Feeling Negative can Teach You

Feeling Anxious or Negative
Heads-up: This article does not offer solutions to deal with negativity, but it’ll change the way you sense negativity. In the fight between positivity vs negativity; no brainer, we wish positivity emerges as a winner... always! Ever wondered why? A general impression of negativity is bad in our mind. Moreover, the frequency strike of negative thoughts and feelings is way...

Hard to break up with your social Environment? Here’s the Courage you need

Are you losing beautiful people in the process of pleasing the social environment? A renowned musician Bob Marley once said: Truth is everybody is going to hurt you: you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for. So beginning with, let’s meet the people surrounding you indigenous to distinct environments: We’ll start with the most essential sphere... Personal Environment: Generally, the people from this domain...

Get rid of your biggest fear- people’s judgments

If there were no cameras, every soul would tell an interesting story. Wondering which cameras? The people’s eyes which blink to capture your sadness. Yes, these cameras want a shot of your disappointment because you failed to fulfill their undue expectations. What worse... you are giving them a perfect picture! Let’s find out what’s happening... You take care of our personal and professional environment, what...

Careful! Your mirror at home is lying

We are hooked to a mirror since our diaper days. We love it... right? In fact, a mirror at home is a necessity. Why shouldn’t it be? It is the mirror which makes us conscious of our appearance. I have been stating the obvious but these statements have many untold stories to tell. To begin with, let me introspect you with a few...

Beware… your Social Media Reel is Evading the Real Picture

The first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night is the same… any guesses? No prizes for the right answer because it’s a no-brainer. Most of us pick up the phone and check for the social media notifications.  The word ‘viral’ once used to describe a fever has a new dimension altogether. Today, it...

Your judgmental eyes perceived me all wrong!!!

Yes, it is your judgmental eyes which inflicts unbearable pain, which makes me suffer like a loser. It's because you judge me by my smile without realizing the burden of tears I am carrying. Your eyes can only see my physical wounds, but that doesn't mean I'm healthy. I wish you could hear the cries of mental wounds...  You know my problem?  I...

Why feel the present moment when it is hostile?

Everyone has their way of defining happiness and reaching that state. But the basis remains the same for everyone.  My dear friend,  Happiness is awareness and appreciation of the present moment!!! Whatever you do being aware in the present moment, it bestows you with happiness. You feel blessed and appreciate everything. You are less prone to stress and negativity.  Rightly quoted by Gautama...

I lost because I competed… with others

Life is not a race and hence not a competition you can define by winning or losing. It’s an exploration journey, it’s your exploration journey where you are the lone traveller. And because you are alone in your journey, there is no one with whom you can compete and compare with, except one person... yourself.  Someone has rightly said: “If you continuously...






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