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Negativity and Failure

5 Positive Lessons Only Feeling Negative can Teach You

Feeling Anxious or Negative
Heads-up: This article does not offer solutions to deal with negativity, but it’ll change the way you sense negativity. In the fight between positivity vs negativity; no brainer, we wish positivity emerges as a winner... always! Ever wondered why? A general impression of negativity is bad in our mind. Moreover, the frequency strike of negative thoughts and feelings is way...

Get rid of your biggest fear- people’s judgments

If there were no cameras, every soul would tell an interesting story. Wondering which cameras? The people’s eyes which blink to capture your sadness. Yes, these cameras want a shot of your disappointment because you failed to fulfill their undue expectations. What worse... you are giving them a perfect picture! Let’s find out what’s happening... You take care of our personal and professional environment, what...

At the brink of losing, I found myself

found myself
"I found that with depression, one of the most important things you could realise is that you're not alone." ~Dwayne Johnson Did you ever bow down to your mind demons? I have... but that experience taught me the best lifetime-lesson. My life was not a fairytale. But fortunately, my fight was never for bread and butter.  I had every means to suffice...






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