The Most Successful Failure…


Not only an intriguing title; I’ll also make sure that the article is worth reading…

Step by step, we shall try to get into it. First of all, let us try to approach the word ‘SUCCESS.’

How does one define success? 

Commonly, Success can be defined as the accomplishment of goals and objectives. For some people, the definition of success could also be the triumph over the competitors. What else? Yes, for some people, success could be reaching the top in their respective work fields. Everyone perceives success in their own peculiar way. The definition of success keeps on changing with people, time and situation.

Finding it boring??? Hold on, some interesting observations about to begin!!!
There is no denying the fact that only a few feelings can match the magical feeling of being successful. All the positive emotions can be attached to success such as happiness, rejoice, pleasure, satisfaction, euphoria, jubilation, etc.

Let us sink in deeper to unlock the other side of the story… 

A few heartfelt questions:

  1. Is the journey en-route all that beautiful like the results?

  2. Does success come all that easy?

  3. Are there any shortcuts to success?

  4. Do the successful people undergo the same emotions en-route success journey like they feel after succeeding?

Let us uncover the darker side of success

A few successful realizations:

‘Success is that lively and elusive mask of realization, which covers the various lifeless faces of failures.’

Baffled? I shall explain it to you…

One success story comprises of many stories of failures. Yes, there is also a dark and gloomy side of every success story. It is that phase which nobody is aware of, except for the person who has traveled that journey alone. Only a few get out strong and victorious from this phase… And those few individuals are called ‘Successful People’.

We all get attracted to successful individuals who are related to our respective fields, right? But how many of us have tried to figure out that why do we get attracted towards them? Let’s find out…
Some in-depth realizations!!!

Success comes along with many luring elements with it.

Some people get lured by the money, which comes along with success. Some get drawn towards the power. Some get fascinated by the glamor attached to it. Some get attracted towards the lifestyles of successful people, while some get attracted towards their achievements. There are also some individuals who get attracted towards the passion of the successful people. 

Everyone has their reasons to get drawn towards success and successful people.

But let me ask you…

  1. Have you ever tried to follow the path to success of our idols?
  2.  Have you sought to find out how painful their success journey has been?
  3. Have you tried to find out the sacrifices they had made to reach there?
  4. Have you sought to find out the hardships and failures they had to face before succeeding?

Are you ready to endure and struggle like they did?

These questions indeed induce a painful realization. It is because everyone wants to succeed, nobody wants to fail. What we want are results. No one wants to endure. But we don’t realize that success is not possible without a failure. Sink into minds that successful people have failed many times to succeed.A few real-life cases:

Thomas Edison failed over 6,000 times before he finally invented the electric bulb. Michael Jordan, one of the best footballers of all time did not get selected for his school basketball team. Walt Disney, the founder of ‘The Walt Disney Company,’ had been told that he lacked creativity. Steve Jobs, founder of the business ‘Apple’ got booted from his company. Colonel Sanders, the founder of ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken,’ failed throughout his life until he succeeded at the age of 68.

Remember, successful people don’t have stories of success; they have stories of failures. However, the matter of fact is that before getting attracted towards a successful person, we must learn how to get inspired by them. Moreover, the source of inspiration is nothing but their success journeys. We must ask ourselves a very simple question – Are we ready to fail? 

What is a failure?

According to most of us, the definition of failure could be a person who is not able to succeed. We approach the word ‘failure’ as the antonym of the word ‘Success.’ Nevertheless, it is a very negative interpretation of the word ‘Failure.’

Let us approach the word ‘Failure’ unconventionally…

Success-Failure, brothers from different mothers…

Remember, no journey to success can be complete without a failure or many failures. Failures lay a solid basis for our success. The sweet taste of success will always be tasteless without the sour taste of failures. Failures provide the necessary strength and impetus to become successful. Failures are the lessons learned to pass the exam of success. The footsteps to success are failures.

We are not new to the saying “Failures are the stepping stone to success.” Let us try to implement in our lives practically.

Final Realizations:

 I may sound weird, but we must crave for failures than to crave for success. The best thing it will do is that we will never fear the failures. It is the fear of a failure, which stops us from trying and exploring the new. Unless we try, we will not fail. If we don’t fail, we will never be able to succeed.

One important thing, we need to realize is that we must never repeat the mistakes and the errors causing the failures. It is only then, a failure becomes a lesson learned.

I also believe that our luck also has a significant role to play in the process. Then again, factors like patience, persistence, positive attitude, endurance and self-belief are capable enough to negate the luck factor.

It depends upon on our approach to deal with a failure, which becomes responsible either for our making or our breaking. Do failures really mark the end of our journey to success? Well, I hope we have an answer now.