How to unburden the load of performing huge tasks and responsibilities?


When we encounter a huge task, many of us surrender to it. The word ‘Huge’ describing a task itself begins to lose hope within us.

However, is the task always daunting? Interestingly, the task is not huge, our mind makes it huge. Often, it is the burden of the responsibility and not the responsibility, which stresses our minds and breaks us from within.

A task will take the same amount of time which it requires to get accomplished. The unnecessary burden created by our mind never entitles us to accomplish the task before time.

Moreover, sizing the task itself is a problem. Sizing implies we are preparing our minds to make it an uphill task. Consequently, it keeps us away from initiating it. So, when we really need to accomplish a task, let us start doing it. It is the initiation, they say relieves half of the task’s weight. 

Sometimes, even if we start, the performance pressure to deliver starts reflecting in our performance. The mental overload of work, duties, and responsibilities creates a fear inside the minds, which keeps us away from indulgence and enjoyment of work. As a result, we try to run away from those tasks. We create a repulsion attitude towards it and finally, either we leave the task then and there, or we underperform. 

How many times we have noticed that when we assure our minds to start a particular task from tomorrow but we accidentally start it casually today, we thoroughly enjoyed it. The task is performed even better and is accomplished well within the time limits. Yes, it happens, and it comes off because of the stress-free mental environment because of the evasion of the unwanted performance pressure.

Hence, let us break the task into bits and take the bite one by one. It is equally important to take some rest in-between tasks which rejuvenate our spirit. The bigger we see a task, the larger it shall drain our energy and spirit. Remember, a smaller mouthful is chewed easily and relished more than the bigger one. Let us unburden ourselves to perform the best of our abilities and capabilities.