Pessimists are stressed because they are not able to solve problems which doesn’t even exist.


My dear friend, you need to see the bright side of things no matter what. The desired outcome will occur only when you believe it to happen. Creating a shadow of doubt means questioning your ability.

Never waste your time counting the possibility of the chances. Just do it. If it is possible, it will happen. Even if it’s not, surely, it will make you experienced. Rest assured, you never lose in any of the conditions.

Summon into minds; You cannot turn into a pessimist overnight. A single situation is not mighty enough to convert you into a pessimist unless you reciprocate the same feeling for that particular situation. I shall explain to you how…

A few instances…

Say, you failed in an exam or lost a sports match or suffered a business loss. Other instances, you did not qualify a job interview, or you did not get the desired appreciation, or maybe a decision proving wrong, and much such life hitches.

The subsequent process:

These life-situations infuse a negative thought inside your mind. In due course, one negative thought triggers your over-thinking mode, wherein you keep on thinking of that loss/failure. Suddenly, it starts reflecting in your attitude. By and by, you begin to criticize people and blame your destiny for anything unfavorable to you.

You start thinking that you are worthless, which converts into a firm belief. You feel that you cannot win or succeed. Eventually, you develop a mindset where you begin to find failures even in your success, Yes, even if there is no reason to feel stressed, you try to find one. Even if you feel happy, you believe it to be an illusion. You keep on losing thereon and eventually turn into a pessimist.

You know pessimists do have a unique ability…

It is the ability to find a problem even in a solution. They do not breathe free or break free. They get caged in their world full of wrong beliefs and negativity. They do not want to expand the boundaries of their comfort zone because of their apprehensions. They fear anything and everything and where there is fear, your approach to situations can never be positive. Yes, pessimists try to find out problems rather than finding solutions.

Time for some Happy Realizations…

No wonder, life hits you hard. It is full of uncertainties and unpredictabilities. Situations will not always be favorable to you. You cannot always control losses,  failures, mishaps or misfortunes. Nevertheless, you are the in-charge of how to perceive those situations. What matters the most is how you accept it and deal with it. The approach and the mindset in these situations distinguish between an optimist and a pessimist.

That reminds of a quote from a movie sequel of Rocky, in which Sylvester said: “Life is not about how hard you can hit, but how much you can get hit and still keep moving forward.” 

Yes, you just have to be optimistic. You can never know what is in the store for you unless you try to find it.

All things in perspective; your positive attitude, self-belief and endurance are factors competent enough to ride you on the roads of optimism. Always remember that turning into a pessimist is a continuous and prolonged process. Cut the cord now. The discretion is entirely yours.