Feel more; Think less…


Let us try to comprehend a straightforward process…


When we face a situation, a thought is infused inside our mind. Subsequently, that thought gives way to the emotions associated with that thought. Gradually, feelings respond to the emotions and the resultant feelings are expressed out in different forms.

Practically, it is easy to convert a positive thought into an emotional feeling, which is felt more, less thought, and finally expressed. However, the problem with a negative thought is that most of us don’t complete the cycle. Yes, we think about it more, feel it less, and finally, don’t express it. This non-expression of a negative thought retains inside us and acts as a base to influence other negative energies.

You might have this question, “Why should we feel more when feelings evoked out of thoughts are negative?” Well, here’s the answer.

Feelings are of two types:

  • Emotional
  • Physical

Whenever we face an adverse situation, it is extremely difficult to control a negative thought that pops out instantly. Subsequently, negative emotions respond to that thought immediately. It is quite difficult to regulate the process until now. However, we can certainly control the following actions.

Hereon, a slight check is required where the emotional feel responding to the negative thought needs to be replaced by physical feel(sensing).

Confused? Don’t worry, we will get down to the core of it.

Let us try to understand the concept by relating it to the instances involving a failure. We are relating it to failures as most of the times, it is the failure which infuses a negative thought instantly. 

Failure in an exam, failure in any competitive field, failure in keeping a promise, failure in proving a point, failure in resisting self-harming temptations, failure in anything from the personal or professional sphere. Let us even consider the most common but recurrent failure…failure in getting up from the bed on time.

In any of the instances, a negative thought is infused instantly which gives way to the negative emotions. As I said, It is extremely difficult to control the process till now but we can regulate the following actions. 

Yes, we need to cut the cord now!!! 

How…let’s try to find out…

Let us restrict the emotional feel to act upon the emotions. Let us replace it with physical feel where we stop the usage of the mind. Let us allow our sense organs to take control thereon where we start sensing the present moment. Yes, I am talking about the physical feel.

Let us get acquainted with the physical feel!!!

Let us allow our eyes to sense and admire the natural surrounding. Let us allow our ears to feel and enjoy the environmental sounds. Let us allow our nose to feel the inhalation of the fresh air. Let us allow our taste buds to relish whatever we eat. Let us allow our body to sense the warmth which surrounds us. Let us stop thinking and start sensing the now. Absolutely, let us try to enjoy the now and be thankful for what we have.

Time for some Happy Realizations!!!

Even if it is a negative feeling, when we feel the present moment via sensing, at least it gives us a chance to flush out negativity in such a manner that not only it makes us feel lighter, it is also not heavy on the recipient.

Let us allow the thoughts evoked out of a situation to move from the mind and reach to the heart where we feel more and think less. When the situation is positive, let us allow the emotional feel to work.

When situations are adverse, let us allow the physical feel(sensing) to take control to minimize the role of the mind. As a result, we will think less and subsequently, restrict the emotions to feel the negativity.

Thoughts can be manipulative and molded as per convenience but the emotional feelings are felt at heart and hence are pure. Don’t worry if your emotional feel gets hurt sometimes, because the more you get hurt, the more you become experienced.

The more you are experienced, the quicker you move out of the painful situations. As a result, they never affect you in the long run.

The bottom line is that the thoughts can only be expressed via feelings. Never hold a thought. Feel to express, express to emit positivity or to flush out the negativity. Feel more; Think less…