13 practical reasons to unlock consciousness- the most blissful experience for mind and soul


Do you know most of us are sharing a common problem?

consciousness: In today’s materialistic world of cynical realism, a sensitive mind often loses awareness in the present moment. It surrenders to people and situations by dancing to the tune of subconsciousness.

As a result, not only what to think but your mind also loses control over how much to think.

The problem does not end here: (Consciousness)

Soul-driven feelings become less responsive. Ultimately, you defeat the sole purpose of life- “To feel happy”.

Don’t worry! You are not the only one suffering.

You might be wondering:

How to uncover a state where feeling positive emotions, and denying feelings to negative emotions, becomes a choice?

Fortunately, this isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Time to get familiar with consciousness:

Consciousness refers to your individual awareness of your unique thoughts, memories, feelings, sensations, and environment.

In fact, many intellectuals have defined it.

Do you want to know how I perceive it? 

Here’s my definition of consciousness:

It’s an experience in which mind rejuvenates the thoughts and soul revives the feelings; the resultant thoughts and feelings are faithful to each other.

Consciousness is the state where not only you do whatever you feel but also feel whatever you do.

Let’s jump right into the reasons to activate consciousness…

13 reasons to evoke consciousness:

1. Conscious people live a monotonous life happily 

As it’s a bread-butter fight, most of us follow a fixed routine.

While you struggle to find happiness in the monotony, conscious people always feel blissful. They cherish every moment regardless of the skeptical nature from the outside world.

2. Consciousness provokes fearlessness

People-Situations-Death; most of us fear any of three. You are fearful unaware fear relates to the future.

Consciousness is a gateway to happiness as every moment is a spontaneous bliss. Conscious people do nothing different to create a beautiful future. They just live the present moment gracefully. 

3. Consciousness liberalizes to choose between thinking and feeling

While sub-consciousness is a gateway to negative thinking and sadness, consciousness is the key to positive thinking and happiness.

It is a double-edged sword which enables you to activate either thinking or feeling one at a time. 

Want to know how?

While working, it keeps the thinking mode on.

During a holiday, it allows your feeling component to dominate your thoughts; the reason you crave for holiday breaks or should I say mind brakes?

4. A conscious person is hungry and hopeful at the same time

I consider it the biggest outcome.

You might have undue expectations from people.

But it’s untrue for conscious people. They don’t have unrealistic expectations which hurt.

They are content but not complacent; they endure but are happy; they fight but never fear to lose.

Even if conscious people don’t get appreciation from people, their self-motivation speaks loud.

5. Conscious people speak on people’s face, never behind their back

Are you courageous enough to speak your soul out?

It’s only possible when you are conscious!

Conscious people are true to oneself and everyone. It’s because not only they see the ideal path but also have the guts to stride on it.

They express whatever they feel including negativity. Maybe their friend list is small but worthy of a lifelong friendship.

6. Conscious people enjoy solitude, others feel lonely in a crowd

Your soul accompanies your body, the reason you are a living human. 

While most of us seek people’s company to enjoy, conscious people adore their own companionship.

They need no one around to be happy. It’s because of a quality they possess- Self-love…

Anyone and anything else is a bonus for them which they don’t need.

7. A conscious person flows with every moment

The things which you do in the present moment is a carry-forward of an immediate past moment. It’s the reason it’s difficult to leave the past behind.

Consciousness enables us to maintain a well-woven thread of present with past and future. 

Neither you stick to your past nor you blindly run for the future. You just flow with time.

8. Consciousness overturns an upcoming situation into your favor

You may be a slave to people and situations, a conscious person never surrenders to the outer world. 
Many things in life may be destined, but consciousness makes sure the response to destiny is a personal choice.

9. Conscious makes you mindful of what you feed

I doubt you are watchful to what your mental and physical body feeds.

But it’s different with a conscious person!

A conscious person loves to take care of both mental and physical health. He/She knows a healthy body gives way to a healthy mind and vice versa.

10. Consciousness never tires the mind; in fact, it’s an energy booster

Countless thoughts rule your mind. You cannot extract the fullest mind’s fullest potential.

Conscious thinking keeps a check on the quality and frequency of thoughts. Not only it helps you think positive but also restricts you from over-thinking.

The mind is fresh, energetic and tireless throughout the day. 

11. Conscious people dwell inside their own aura

You won’t deny:

Today’s biggest reason for a person’s downfall is the fear of people’s judgments.

But consciousness makes you smarter to shift your awareness from people to yourself.

You constantly work on your domain despite social judgments. It presents you a new shelter to dwell- Your aura…

12. Conscious people do whatever they feel is right

A ‘dilemma’ is one of the by-products of a sub-conscious mind. It restricts you in taking strong and independent decisions.

Consciousness unlocks the right-wrong beliefs. It empowers you with self-control to never stumble in the world full of optical illusions. You do whatever is right according to you, not worrying about how people conceive it.

13. A conscious person is ready to challenge the comfort zone boundaries

Most of us are afraid of the inevitable- A Change! 

Consciousness sets you free from boundaries defined by your sub-conscious mind. The resultant self-belief enables you to extract the full potential of a free-flowing fearless mind.

You keep challenging yourself which makes you ready to face unpredictably tough situations.

I hope any of the techniques motivate you to strive towards attaining consciousness!

Carl Jung quotes:

There is no coming to consciousness without pain

Yes, you cannot experience consciousness by snapping your fingers but yes, it’s not as difficult to realize it only on your deathbed.

Do you know how to unlock the magical state of consciousness?

I feel meditation is the best method of unlocking the state of consciousness!

A deeply meditated mind is fully potent to unlock the magical experience of consciousness.

Don’t worry if you have never meditated; here’s a list of 8 meditation techniques for complete beginners!

What’s the bottom line?

While subconsciousness affects your ability to cherish every moment, the state of consciousness is the most blissful mind state. You need to revive it by meditation.

Experience the magic where mind and soul are transparent to one another.

Make happiness a conscious choice… Good luck!