Express yourself to flush out the negativity!!!

Stop blaming people for your negativity. Because it is not the people but your inexpressiveness to people, which is the reason for your negativity. Start expressing yourself now!!! 


Allow me to start this article with a small composition of mine…

Speak speak… you speak

SPEAK WITH AUTHORITY, SPEAK WITH CLARITY… make sure you get heard when you speak.

Irrespective of the language YOU SPEAK… as long as you have a voice, you speak…

don’t wary the criticisms and the questions … as long as you are right, you speak

Don’t worry about losing them, FOR THE SAKE OF FINDING ONESELF, you speak.

To spit out the negativity, for the sake of positivity… To boost the esteem and respect, gather courage only once to speak

on their face and never behind, as long as they are wrong, you speak

Some strong realizations… huh? 

Now let us get into the nitty-gritty of expressing…

What do you mean by expressing?

Expressing is an introduction of your true self to the outside world. Whatever you are inside, just exhibit it outside. What you are and whatever you feel, just express yourself. Never feel afraid of it.

Always remember…

“You were born to be real, not to be perfect.” – Claire Baker

And this applies to everyone. So when you have the freedom of expression, why not use it to your advantage?

Why is expressing important?

  • Expressing is your deliberate attempt to convert the negativity felt into positivity.

In the world full of lies and betrayals, it is difficult to stop feeling negative. But you need to understand that feeling negative is not a problem. 

The problem begins when you keep that negativity within you and do not express it out. Always remember, when you speak yourself out, you unburden yourself and flush out the negativity.

Expressing out acts as a mirror between the two. It ensures that whatever you feel from inside, you present it outside. This way, you are true to yourself and to others. There is no retention of negative feelings inside you to attract other negative energies.

  • You always ride high on yourself via expressing.

When you express your true self to others, it means you value your ideas, thoughts, and beliefs. No wonder, expressing is one of the best ways to develop self-love.

express yourself

The quote above says it all!!!

When you express, you expose yourself in front of others. You reveal your true identity to them. In the process, people might get hurt. Many people might not like you. They can call you rude, offensive and aggressive. They might misunderstand you.

However, the ones who deserve to be in your life will understand you gradually. They will accept you the way you are. Because this is your identity, this is the way you always are, independent of the person, time and situation.

No wonder, these people will be less. But they will be the ones whom you will find by your side every time you need them.

And over and above all, you will always be true to yourself this way.

Always remember,  

It is better to get nude than to get naked.

Being nude is your choice.

It is when you uncover yourself by yourself. It‘s your discretion to expose yourself to others. It is the transparency you maintain with others and expect the same from them. Maybe you are ugly, but don’t cover yourself with a sheet of beauty, which is a lie. It is not smartness but foolishness…

You know why? 

Because eventually, you will get naked… You cannot hide your secret. Yes, people will get to know about the real you. 

The worst part…

When people expose you, your ugly face looks uglier because a beautiful lie gets unmasked. And not only you lose people but also you lose your own self.

Don’t you want people to be true to you?

My dear friend, expressing yourself to others not only exposes you in front of others but also exposes others in front of you. It breaks that awkwardness and uneasiness which also enables others to present their real side to you. Don’t wait for them to initiate.

Time for some Happy Realizations: 

Summon up that silence is also an expression. Hiding your feelings and emotions inside may help you at that moment, but in the long run, it proves to be self-disastrous.

You will get caged in a shell made by none other than you. It won’t allow you to explore yourself. That shell will never allow you to test your toughness and capabilities. Pleasing people will not let you identify what you are all about.

Always remember, you are being judged for everything you do. Make sure you get judged for what you are. Therefore, EXPRESS, EXPOSE and EXPLORE yourself. BREAK FREE…

Never wait for the right moment to express yourself because NOW is the right moment to express yourself. Sometimes it may be difficult but remember, if you are not expressing yourself now, the difficulty level to express will keep on increasing with increasing time.

And when you express later, it might hamper the quality of expression. You might also be misinterpreted. 

Final thought…

Stop blaming people for your negativity. Because it is not the people but your inexpressiveness to people, which is the reason for your negativity. Express yourself now!!! 






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