Get rid of your biggest fear- people’s judgments


If there were no cameras,

every soul would tell an interesting story.

Wondering which cameras?

The people’s eyes which blink to capture your sadness. Yes, these cameras want a shot of your disappointment because you failed to fulfill their undue expectations.

What worse… you are giving them a perfect picture!

Let’s find out what’s happening…

You take care of our personal and professional environment, what you don’t introspect is your social environment, the major cause of a person’s downfall.

Social media has a testimony, I need not explain how it swallows your solitude time.

Even I had a fear of people’s judgments. But when I found most of us have the same problem, I thought of digging deep into it.

My observation…

People are judging you every time and place. Many times, those judgments are wrong and sometimes, salt over the wound. Surprisingly, it doesn’t matter whether right or wrong, people’s judgments about you are not the problems. 

The biggest problem is the way you allow these judgments affect you. The intensity level raises to an extent where even when there is no one around, you still don’t remember your real self. 

You stop defining yourself anymore. Your self-awareness is under the illusion of people’s judgments.You become a television whose remote control is with people.

To tell the bitter truth,

You think for people, feel for people, do for people… you start living for people.

What you don’t realize…

In the process of taking care of people, you don’t think about yourself.
In the process of pleasing people, you are unpleasing yourself.

Yes, your social environment is polluting your personal and professional environment.

Want to know why it happens?

You are aware of people but not self-aware. In the process, what’s going around you is bothering you, not what’s happening inside you.

Imperative to find a solution…

To your surprise, I don’t have a solution to your problems!

Like always, you have the best solution.

But to figure it out, the first thing I suggest is to shift your consciousness from people to oneself. Only then, you could trigger your self-analysis mode to find out why the outer world is over-powering your inner world.

What I found out:

The fear of people’s judgment is because of insecurities.

What you have to find out:

Why your insecurities are so loud that your integrity is suffering?

  1. Is it a competition or just a comparison?
  2. Are you insecure about your physical body or your mental efficiency?
  3. Are you fearing people’s judgment or only a person’s judgment?
  4. Which environment is getting polluted- personal, professional, both? 

Might be any other insecurity, you know more than anybody what exactly causes you fear of people’s judgments. You need to find out that bomb and diffuse it.

You’ll find different kinds of people everywhere. When you meet them, they observe you. And when you meet them often, they form an opinion about you. And that’s completely fine.

They’ll perceive you as per their understanding. You can’t control their mind!

But what you can assure is the exhibition of your real self- what you are and how you feel.

Big applause to the author who quotes…

“People will judge you anyway,

make sure you give them an interesting topic.”

Amidst all these judgmental conflicts, do you realize you are no different?

When they are judging you, you are doing the same… judging them.

Hello! Here you get a taste of your own medicine, or should I say the taste of your own venom…

Judging style and the attributes judged differ, but most of us are judging each other in a world of optical illusions.

Let us give each other an interesting topic for a judgment, most importantly, make sure we don’t allow people’s opinions to take over our personal opinions.

The bottom line:

You are original… please set the tune for yourself rather than dancing to people’s tune. Define your own rhythm or the outer noise will kill you.

Many times you have to choose, make sure you confuse between your choices, not people’s. You may lose people in the process but you shall find yourself.

It is you who has to find a place beyond the judgmental eyes of people where is no fear of getting mocked by them.

Good luck!