Do you answer nature’s call the wrong way?


According to, call of nature is ‘a need to urinate or defecate.’

I confuse how to perceive this definition; unsure whether to laugh or feel dejected. Because as far as I know, pee and poop are biological processes, not natural.

Wondering how nature is calling? 

The sound of ocean waves, the chirping birds, the gentle winds… every sound of nature is an unheard voice seeking your attention to tell beautiful stories.

Nature is calling you loud but I seriously doubt your receptivity to those calls.

Why can’t you hear the voice of nature?

There’s a thick wall between you and the natural environment- the wall constructed by your social environmentYes, you are sensing the people’s noise so deep you are not able to hear the nature’s voice.

And not only the pleasant voices but many soulful cries of nature get lost in the woods.

Nature calls you in two scenarios:

  1. When nature smiles

The word ‘natural’ is deeply connected to the word ‘nature’. But the irony is your natural state tells a different story.

Yes, happiness is your natural state but I don’t think you even realize how incomplete you are.

Nature is all smiles, full of life, appreciating its unmatched beauty and singing melodies. Nature just wants you to calmly listen to it. 

Unfortunately, it’s a big ask for most of us. 

My dear friend, nature is fully capable of conversion of your alone time into solitude

But the problem is you don’t have the patience to sit-back and sense the essence of nature. Your sense organs are pre-occupied sensing negativity and so the chord of positivity is untouched.  

The second scenario when nature calls you…

2. When nature cries

Nature is crying loud, the cries getting louder every day. And when you don’t listen, it expresses out.

Unable to take nature’s wrath, you call it cruel!

Drought, flood, earthquake, volcano eruption, landslide… you call it a natural calamity. But I see nature expressing its unheard feelings. 

Ruthlessly cutting trees is not only shrinking the green but also destroying the habitat of millions of species.

Still can’t hear those cries?

A couple of dreadful observations:

  1. The loss recorded by Global Forest Watch was 29.4m hectares in 2017, the second highest recorded since the monitoring began in 2001.
  2. Around 80 percent of the world’s plants and animals live in forests. You are killing them all, unaware it’s your grave you are digging.

Some rays of beautiful sunshine:

Amidst these lethal killings, some people express their nature love in their own peculiar way.

  1. According to True Activist, Piplantri village in Rajasthan, India plants 111 trees every time a girl is born. Isn’t that beautiful?
  2.  According to The Guardian, Madhav Subrmanian is the next generation’s face of conservation, a 12-year-old Indian boy who goes round Mumbai collecting money for tiger conservation. 

Your contribution holds a big significance too. Explore your way to love nature, but until you find one, start with the preservation of a single natural resource- Water.

Sounds easy? Absolutely!

Let me tell you the execution is even easier.

With a minimum of effort, just close the tap leaking unused water.   

Let this be a small initiation to take bigger measures to save nature. 

Although two-thirds of the earth is covered with water, there is huge water scarcity in many parts of the world. If we don’t raise an alarm now, according to a source, there’ll be a shortage of water worldwide by 2040. 

Start using water consciously!

He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature.


Final hope:

While the social environment from the outer environment can pollute you, the natural environment from the same world can rejuvenate you.

Negativity is your way of perceiving things. You just have to hold back and sense what nature has in the store for you. You’ll surely realize what was missing.

You cannot take responsibility for everything around the world, but you are fully responsible for what is happening around you.

Take that responsibility now because if it continues this way, you must find a new planet for existence.

I wish you find reasons to plant trees than to justify cutting them… Good luck!