Grudge is like holding a double-edged sword; it will hurt you before it could harm others.

When a person willingly or unwillingly hurts your sentiments, a feeling of bitterness makes a home in your heart. Sometimes, its roots are so strong that it does not let you forgive others. Nonetheless, always remember that grudges not only hurt your loved ones but it takes a toll on your character as well.

Nature of grudge itself is venomous. It takes a lot of your time and energy; the time and energy you could have spent in some other constructive work. It infuses negative thoughts inside you. These negative thoughts alter your mindset. An altered mindset always takes the wrong decision and provokes destructive action. As a result, you get hurt ultimately. So, can you feel that you are still suffering?

One way you can get out of this suffering is ‘learn to forgive.’ Of course, it is not easy to forgive but just think about the value of it. It will help you to make peace with yourself. Your peace will do wonders; Have faith in it.



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