Let us dwell inside our own aura…



What is an aura?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of aura is “the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.”

If you ask me in simple words, your aura is the surrounding energy you create by your presence. Wherever you are and whatever you do, your aura always surrounds you. So you can say that your presence is the creator of your aura.

More powerful your presence, more dominant your aura. Similarly, your inactive presence lowers the intensity of your aura. 

There are many reasons why it is important to raise the intensity of your aura:

  • To be yourself…

When your aura is strong, your appearance is not deceptive, and showcase what you actually are. It authenticates your individuality and originality.

  • To take your independent decisions…

Powerful aura powers self-belief. And when you believe in yourself, you are not afraid of taking bold and independent decisions.

  • To be able to say NO to others…

You are not influenced by people quickly when the presence of your aura is strong. You don’t get carried away by them, which is extremely difficult otherwise.

Your self-motivation keeps you ready to confront new challenges, which enhances your personal and professional growth. 

  • To stop being a soft target for others…

You never get attacked by others, never get bullied and nobody takes you for granted.  

  • To become a proposer, not a seconder…

When your aura is strong and powerful, you always initiate things in your personal and professional sphere. You never play the waiting game. This way, you enforce your aura on others.

  • To stop being a puppet of others…

People cannot make you dance to their tunes. They cannot take undue advantages from you either.

  • To become a leader, not a follower…

You tend to attract people by your aura. And the queue is always behind you.

  • To follow your dreams and passion…

Following dreams and passion is not easy. You need to be strong and ready to endure. Powerful aura provides the necessary impetus. 

(Find out whether the passion-driven journey is easy or tough?)

  • To stop fearing people’s judgments…

You are not concerned about how people see you and perceive you. You are on your own.

You don’t commit to things which can hurt your self-respect. You don’t fall prey to the self-harming thoughts, which enables you to develop self-love.                     

And finally…to stop being just a television whose channels are changed by the person, in whose aura you are dwelling.

It is getting exciting and now the time has come to find out how do you raise the intensity of your aura?

Try to carry out a simple process…

Be it anything big or small,  refrain yourself from doing it just for the sake of doing it. Try to find out a motto behind every subsequent action.

When there is a motive, you do it confidently putting in efforts and belief behind it.  This way, you are able to fully commit to it. You feel it from within, which gives you a sense of satisfaction.

And my dear friend, when you feel whatever you do, you will fall in love with it. When you fall in love with whatever you do, you always enjoy it. There is always a consistency in your belief system.

And finally, the intensity of your aura becomes considerably strong to sail you through every problem and obstacle.

A thought-provoking question…

If the size of your aura is small, you don’t believe in yourself. And when you lack self-belief, how can you expect others to believe in you?

Indeed a thought-provoking question!!! 

Now, let us find out what happens when the size of your aura is small?

Aura is an influential energy. When the size of your aura is small, it means you are not under the influence of it. Ultimately, you look for shelter inside others’ aura. 

Subsequently, you no longer remain fully responsible for your actions and expressions. You are controlled by others. They monitor your responses. “They’’ refers to the people inside whose aura you are residing.

You start seconding to whatever they express. Most of the times, you are not able to sense it, but it is a fact.

You start believing that whatever they do is right. In due course, you lose your opinions and judgments. Unknowingly, you become dependent on them. Your views and opinions no longer hold any relevance, not only to others but even to you. 

Let us meet the people having a strong, powerful and dominant aura… 

There are many such people having influential auras. Also, they might not share any common attributes. 

Some attract by their carefree attitude and some by their fearless attitude. Some enchant by their expressiveness while some by their silence. Many lure by their charm and several by their smartness. Some pull you by their humor while many by their presence of mind. Some pull you by their physical looks and some by their mental looks.

Nonetheless, one thing that you will find common in most of them is their self-belief, which is always on cloud nine. 

Yes, we have talked about self-belief quite a lot now…So, let you try to figure out how to elevate and boost your belief system…

Ways to boost your self-belief…

  1. Appreciate yourself.
  2. Take pride in what you are and what you do.
  3. Feel proud of your physical and mental appearances.
  4. Stop competing with others.
  5. Avoid negative self-talk and actions of self-hatred.
  6. Shorten your friends’ list to positive and caring people.
  7. Focus on your strengths than to cry over your weakness.
  8. Most importantly, spend some alone time to know yourself better. 

Time for some Happy Realizations…

Remember, when your self-attributes are high, you don’t need to worry about the size of your aura. Rest assured, it will always be strong enough where you can express whatever you want to.

Most importantly, you will stop getting affected by what people feel about you. There will be no fear of getting judged, which today is the biggest reason for a person’s downfall.

Eventually, you will only be concerned about yourself in the first place. You will become your priority.

This way, your aura becomes a magnet for others. Yes, suddenly you will find yourself on the other side of the table. To your surprise, others will also get attracted towards your strong and powerful aura.

One more thing…when you have an enlarged aura, you don’t need others’ company to enjoy because you never feel insecure when you are alone. And the feeling which was once loneliness will become solitude now. 

Raise our inner voice so much that you stop getting affected by the outer noise.

And for that, start doing anything you do ‘confidently’. You know why? Because you are doing it anyway. So why not do it confidently and energetically. 

Final words…

The stronger you believe in whatever you do, stronger will be the intensity of your aura. Start pushing the boundaries of our aura so that you stop fearing anyone and anything. Never forget to carry your strong and powerful aura along, anywhere and everywhere you go.

Always remember…

When you  dwell inside others’ aura, either you win or you lose. But when you dwell inside your own aura, it is always a win-win situation.