How to find peace of mind and why is it important?


The more you search for peace in the outside world, the more you get lost. Like happiness, finding peace is an inside job which has nothing to do with the outside world. It resides within you. To find peace, you first need to target the problems restricting you from attaining peace.

The Problems:

  1. The elevated anxiety and stress level is the first problem, which is not allowing you to focus on anything. It is leading to overthinking and the peace of mind is being denied.
  2.  The second problem is the flickering mind, which is not allowing you to focus on a particular thing at a time. It is leading to imperfections and the peace of mind cannot be attained.

Both the problems are not allowing you to ‘Focus’ and ‘Focus’ is the first step to peace-attainment.

The Solution:

To acquire focus of mind, it is vital to explore your inner world. Meditation is the driver of the self-exploration journey. For a soothing journey, start with conscious breathing which is the easiest way to enter into the powerful world of meditation.

Spend some alone time, a preferably early morning where you concentrate on the breaths to take you further and deeper inside you. It is simple to start with and does not require any particular set of skills. The conscious deep breath makes you aware in the present moment. You start feeling and enjoying the now. Consequently, mind’s level of focus increases and the frequency of thoughts is reduced. Finally, the stress and anxiety levels are reduced and the peace of mind is attained.

It comes gradually so you need to be patient initially. But once you taste its magical feel, it is the first thing you shall crave for every morning.

Playing an instrument, exercising, forgiving, gratitude and compassion are a few approaches to keep your mind peaceful. But again, unless you are focused, the cultivation of these practices can be difficult.

Why is the peace of mind important:

      – Key to real happiness.

      – Enables you to distinguish between the right and the wrong.

      -Keeps you away from materialistic desires.

      – Helps you maintain the balance between the inner world and the outside world.

      – Assists you tackle the panic and unforeseen situations calmly.

     – Aids you to carry out the daily life operations distressfully.

     – Teaches you patience which is vital to success.

      – Keeps you away from over-thinking.

      – Enables you to enjoy the present moment.