Convert the feeling of loneliness into solitude


Supremely, you need to understand that both the feelings ‘lonely’ and ‘solitude’ are two sides of the same coin. Solitude is a positive feeling which is entirely your choice. It is the feeling of completeness one derives by loving and enjoying one’s own company. 

On the contrary, the feeling of loneliness has a negative connotation where you are full of insecurities and find yourself deserted even in the crowd. When you feel lonely, you neither enjoy others’ company nor cherish your own company.

The feeling of solitude is an unmatched magical feeling while there is nothing worse than the feeling of loneliness. In both the feelings, you feel no one around you but interestingly, you love solitude but you hate loneliness.

Fight with loneliness:

Do not fear the loneliness. Accept it and face it. Unless you realize that you are lonely, you cannot find the reasons for the same.

The feeling of loneliness is independent of people and situations. Agreed, sour experiences with people or unfavorable situations might be reasons for loneliness, but it is your responsibility to bail yourself out from it.

The positive side of loneliness:

Yes, you read it right. Friends, it is when you are lonely, you can get hit by some strong in-depth realizations. To realize them, you need the courage to listen to your inner voice. 

The realizations you explore during your loneliness are profound life lessons. It might be hard for you to accept but it is always better to know yourself by yourself than to get a pinch from the outside world. 

Loneliness helps you connect to your inner world where you can explore your weaknesses. During this time, you also come across bitter realities about yourself and the outside world. These realizations give you strength to deal with it so that you convert your loneliness into solitude.


In this fast-moving world, not everyone gets the time to know oneself. If you are one of those lucky ones who gets time to get hit by in-depth self-realizations, be brave enough not to lose the opportunity.

It is equally important to work on the areas of concern and move out of loneliness at the earliest. It is because loneliness can be dangerous. The longer the period of loneliness, the deeper you sink in the world of darkness. Act smart, act on it before it acts on you.

Never try to run away from it because you can never escape from yourself. Take it head-on where you can explore the reasons for your self-hatred and convert it into self-love. Loneliness is a gateway to explore solitude. Unlock the gate. The key is with you, within you.