Is it fine to ask for help from others?


Asking for help is a healthy sign. It shows your commitment to solving a problem. It shows your positive attitude that you are always open for improvement. It also signifies that you are a team player and value the suggestions of others.

However, there are a few problems associated with asking for help.

Well, the main issue is that you do not always run to the right person to seek help. In professional as well as in the personal sphere, only a few people genuinely want to help. There are many individuals who always look for opportunities to harm you in one way or the other.  They always want to take undue advantage of your helpless situation. Therefore, you need to be very careful while choosing people on whom you confide your trust. 

Keep in mind, never make it a habit of rushing to people for petty issues. It shall make you dependent on others and never let you come out of your comfort zone. Consequently, your individual growth will be restricted.

Seeking help from others now and then also shows your incapability and incompetence to deal with a problem. Eventually, people will start avoiding you.