How to overcome negativity?


Any single event or a set of events can trigger a thought process, which can lead to negativity. It is a vicious circle which starts with a single thought and then takes a severe form. Let us try to seek solutions.

A tree cannot stand tall until it’s roots are strong. Likewise, instead of wasting our energy on negativity, we should focus on the cause of the problem which is inducing negativity.

Straight out, most of the times, the root cause of negativity is overthinking. A brain is a powerful tool and therefore is extremely difficult to control the flow of thoughts.

Nevertheless, what we can monitor is the quality of our thoughts. We do not have to burden our mind unnecessarily with petty issues. We never realize when these small things start taking a toll on our mental health, leading to negativity. 

Let us start from the beginning…

  1. Let us try to start our day with a smile even if we don’t feel like smiling. It will be our conscious effort to start our day positive.
  2. Let us try to take out some time for a walk or some exercise. Definitely, it will release some happy hormones.
  3. Nature is the biggest healer and the greatest source of positive energy.  Connecting to it via meditation can do wonders in our lives.
  4. Our diet also plays a significant role in staying physically and mentally healthy. A healthy body holds a healthy brain that will help to think positively.
  5. Let us follow compassion. Helping the needy leads to contentment and eliminates negativity.

Coming back to feelings, whenever we feel that something is bothering us, we should never hesitate to talk to a person who is close to us.We should never hold our thoughts, always allow them to flow out. ‘Expressing’ our inside world to the outside world is a deliberate attempt to convert the negativity to positivity.  

We must also summon into minds that ‘Change’ is a part of our life. Let us grow every day by adapting to changes. Sometimes, we are afraid of changes because we enjoy our comfort zone.  However, it is necessary to choose a change over comfort zone. Small changes in life can do wonders. 

A single ray of hope can vanish the darkness of our souls. Let us try to connect with the people who are less privileged than us. Surely, we will see a whole new different world. We must always keep in mind that life is too short and unpredictable to feel negativity. Let us enjoy it.