Either you are nude or naked; know the difference?

nude or naked
I wish you undress; watching you nude would be a wonderful treat.
Now before you judge;
It’s your mental body I’m talking about!
Sounds silly? it’s not:
Uncovering your mental body is paramount as covering your physical body.
Pondering over differences between nude and naked?
According to Vocabulary.com, ‘If you have no clothes on, you’re naked.’
I’m sure your mental body doesn’t wear clothes.
But just because it does not have an apparent presence, you have an unknown real identity.
Therefore nudity is important!
Now when you know you have an unclothed mental body:
When you unveil it by yourself, you become nude. 
When others expose it, you are naked.
There’s a thin line of difference between the two.
‘Nakedness reveals itself. Nudity is placed on display. The nude is condemned to never being naked. Nudity is a form of dress.’
The journey to become nude is a painful transformation where you learn the subtle art of giving a damn about people.
Still confused?
There’s one beautiful citation by MENTAL FLOSS illustrating the difference between naked and nude:
“If you doff your duds to pose while descending a staircase for a tasteful painting done by a respected artist, then you’re nude. If a bunch of paparazzi suddenly burst in through the studio door and take your picture without permission, you are suddenly naked.”
I’m sure you don’t want this to happen!
But why am I stating this?
Maybe, you are not the person you were; not the one people perceive you. 
You have changed!
Your ‘now and then’ has a discrepancy. 
You want to adapt for own good;
Wish to age like a fine wine. 
You strive to flow with time;
Want to experience your journey consciously.
You like to become more and more you!
What’s holding you back?
People already have an opinion about you.
There’s a particular way they perceive you. 
And you want to break that monotony!
You know you have changed; you want others to accept it.
The worst part:
You are afraid of how people will perceive your transformation!
As bitter as it gets:
The people cannot take it. They are jealous of your self-awareness.
They cannot accept you became mature enough to shift your aura’s residence to yourself.
It pisses them off when you are less attentive to them.
This is what they don’t want to happen.
No denial, even you have been guilty!
But it’s human to commit mistakes; right?
And now you realize it’s time to compensate; to feel the difference. 
You are probably wondering:
Is showcasing nudity that easy?
No, it’s not!
People will restrict you. They’ll try every way to intercept your transformation. They might cry, shout, request, get nasty; they’ll try them all!
But before you quit:
You need to showcase one performance where you go all in to become nude. Yes, gather the courage to express yourself only once.
Just reach out to them and let your soul shout; This is my originality; Accept or Leave!
Trust me, you’ll never have to cover your face with an illusionary mask of fear again.
One firm step towards finding yourself is worth giving a shot!
One bold attempt to get nude is better than getting your exposed by people.
Wondering why nudity is vital?
To breathe freely!
Because maybe today, maybe tomorrow; they’ll find the real you! You won’t be able to hide your identity for long.
A few sympathize; most of them call you a liar.
The unbearable suffering is hard to deal with. Your self-esteem reaches an all-time low. 
You literally start all over again.
I’m not saying that’s not a learning experience; but why learn the hard way?
Punch on your face before people knock you down.
Just by residing inside your aura makes you realize who is who?
The bottom line:
People are important to you; the reason you fear social judgments!
You forget to ask yourself… how do I look nude?
Social encouragements are motivating you; social discouragements are demeaning you.
Where is your self standing amidst all these social hypocrisy?
You depend on them- financially, emotionally, physically, anyway. 
And so the transformation process is an endurance test!
The best part:
You are evolving; you are engineering yourself to become a better person.
You may break hearts unknowingly. But trust me, you’ll win your heart intentionally.
You’ll develop self-love which is supreme.
I feel that’s the need of the hour… Good luck!