This write-up is quite close to my heart as it is straight out from my heart. I was going through an ugly phase in my life, and like many others didn’t have the courage to accept it. That phase has taught me a lot and it is my responsibility to share a few of my realizations.

As it comes:

First of all, be patient. RELAX. It is entirely reasonable. In fact, don’t forget to Thank God as He has made you an emotionally active person.

Also, you are smarter and pro-active than many others. It is because you at least understood, realized and accepted the fact that you are facing rational problems and now, you are ready to challenge it and find the solutions to these problems. It is the reason why you are here, scrolling down, seeking solutions to solve your physiological mysteries. Well done mate! You deserve a pat on your back as you landed on the right harbor.

 Believe me; I can completely understand what you are going through from inside. It is the flood of negative emotions inside you, which is not only keeping you away from happiness but also choking your breath.  Reasons to feel negative:

I know your reasons to feel negative might be varied and classified. Sometimes, you blame people, at times situations and sometimes destiny for your negativity.

Actually, It is opposite to the way you think.You need to realize that facing negativity is not a problem.A bitter realization is on its way…You need to realize the cause of your negativity is no one except YOU. It might have come hard at you but most of the times, it is a fact. The sooner you realize it, the sooner you act to target the right cause for your negativity and subsequently, act upon it.

Friends, we all love the blame game. Nevertheless, what happens after the blame game? Do you feel light or does your negativity gets eliminated? No, never. In fact, it acts as a base to attract more negative energies. This process goes on and on until you become an entirely negative person.

The entire process:

You need to comprehend the vicious circle, which is ruining us. It will enable you to target the right problem and work on that. Let me explain this vicious circle by boiling down to the nitty-gritty.

The vicious circle:

Idleness- Thinking- Overthinking- Feel less- Losing the awareness in the present moment-Losing happiness- Negative thinking- A fully negative person- Blame game- Non-productivity/Idleness.

This flow chain says it all. Let me explain it to you quickly.

You are not always working. Sometimes, when your mind is not working, instead of feeling and enjoying the now, most of us involve our minds in idle-thinking. Idle-thinking is extremely dangerous as your mind is not thinking about anything productive that time.

When that thinking is stretched for an elongated time, it leads to overthinking. Overthinking about anything non-productive acts as a base to attract other negative energies. One point to be noted is that it is the idle-thinking, which I am talking about, and not the productive thinking.

Subsequently, when you overthink, you will feel less. Remember, feel is the essence of real happiness. When you feel less, you lose the awareness in the present moment. Consequently, you lose happiness in the now.

Gradually, when you start losing happiness, you start thinking negative. Friends, in today’s world full of lies and betrayals, it is quite difficult to stop reaching this stage. However, the control to the subsequent action is entirely under your control. EXPRESS IT THAT YOU ARE FEELING NEGATIVE. Cut the chord here.

Believe me; flushing out negativity can convert your negativity to positivity. Yes, Expressing out the negativity in any form shows your commitment to convert the negativity into positivity.

 Finally, if you don’t express to the outside world that you are feeling negative, you soon become a fully negative person. Now, you become a person with full of negative energies and negative emotions inside you.

Consequently, you start blaming people, situations, destiny for your negativity as per your convenience. Gradually, you start compromising with every person and situation. As a result, you kill your dreams, goals, ambitions, aspirations, everything.

 The fight with negativity:

The Non-productivity is the cause as well as consequence of negativity. Moreover, it is a never-ending vicious circle, which needs to be ruptured. It is you, who has to track the stage of negativity where you are stuck. It is then, you can find the right practical reason for your negativity. Consequently, you can yourself seek the solutions to your problems. Know by heart that you only have the right answers to your questions.’

Remember, you are not the only person fighting negativity. I reckon you are not an alien from any another planet. I am sure that you are not a robot on this planet either. It is pretty normal for a human being to face negativity. Trust me, each one of us collides with negativity many times in our life journeys. I soulfully understand what you are going inside. Yes, these questions look different. But believe me, these issues only appear different. The solution to most of your problems is exactly the same.

Let me ask you a question? How many of you have suffered a viral fever? Please don’t stare, even I know it’s a stupid question. I have asked you this silly question purposely.

I know that all of us have encountered and experienced viral fever in our lives for quite many times. Nevertheless, it is surprising for me to perceive the sensing of most of us. We need to comprehend that if a viral fever is one aspect of our physical health; similarly, negativity is one aspect from our mental health. Suffering from negativity is as natural as suffering from viral fever. Tell me, what happens if we don’t take precautions while suffering from viral fever? Naturally, it will elevate and give birth to other physical health issues. The same condition applies to negative thinking. We have to take right measures to overcome it before it leads to other mental disorders.

Time for some Hard Realizations:

Our biggest problem in this pretentious world is that we only care about the physical health. One important thing which we fail to comprehend is that many times, it is the physiological issues, which gives birth to physical problems. We are well acquainted with the fact that “We become what we think.” However, many of us are not able to implement it in our practical lives.

We perceive the mental problems as a taboo. Consequently, the people who surface any mental health issues are hesitant to confess and share their problems with anyone. It is because they fear about what others will think about them.It becomes a huge reason why people suffering from it do not admit it. When they don’t accept it or speak out, it starts killing them from inside.

Every individual dealing with mental health issues is being considered mad. Also, people perceive every emotional and physiological problem as depression. They talk about it. They make fun of it. It becomes a topic of discussion in groups.

 As per the conventional thinking, the reasons for people’s demise are all related to our physical health issues. Come on people! You seriously need to expand your mental boundaries before it is too late. Get your facts right. Mental health problems causing ends are clobbering the death numbers resulting from physical health concerns. On top of that, mental health issues are becoming the primary reasons for physical health problems. The use of the word ‘Depression” is becoming as customary as going to the loo. It is quite an alarming situation.

Depression has started to take control in our lives. It is becoming the reason for suicides. How many times are we shocked and stunned when we get to know that the person XYZ committed suicide. It is hard to believe because he always looked apparently happy. However, what we do not realize that what he was going through mentally. If we consider the facts, every second person is facing with some or the other emotional problem. It is because of the simple fact that we have allowed stress to take control in our lives.

Friends, I want you all to realize happily is that knowingly or unknowingly, never make fun of a person or bully a person on any of their attributes. You never know when and how did you become the biggest reason for his/her negativity?