What is contentment and how can I feel it?


Contentment is not a trait; it’s a value of a beautiful soul. It is a feeling which resides within every individual, but the sad part is only a few are able to explore it. It is completely different from the materialistic happiness which is dependent on the outside world.

A hungry person when smells the aroma of food, it is contentment.

A mother while feeding her child sees a smile on his/her face, it is contentment.

Father when sees his daughter in her wedding dress; it is contentment.

Contentment is not a thought; it is a feeling. It is a feeling that arouses the positive buds of your soul. You cannot buy these moments; you earn them.

When you see a flower, it’s beauty and scent fills your heart with positivity. At times, you want to become that flower by aromatizing the life of others and spreading happiness. When one small act of yours brings a smile to someone’s face or a tear of joy in those eyes, a feeling emerges within you and that feeling is nothing but contentment.

Even in your work sphere, the feeling derived from doing work which makes you happy is contentment. Sometimes you succeed, sometimes you fail. When you succeed, you feel a sense of joy; it is contentment. Even when you fail, a proud feeling must arise that you fulfilled the demand of that particular situation by giving your best. That feeling is nothing but contentment.

Always appreciate what you have and count your blessings; it is a feel contentment.

However, you have to make sure that comfort derived out of contentment should never lead to complacency. It must always make you stress-free rather than making you carefree. It must push you further than to pull you back. Remember, standing water gets dirty quickly. So, never stop and keep flowing. 







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