There are two bulls inside us fighting. Who’s winning?


My dear friend, starting from head-tail, good-evil, right-wrong, everything is double-faced. Even a story or a debate has two angles. And you know what, we, the humans are no different.

The fact which we all need to get acquainted with is that we have two bulls inside us fighting with each other. Let’s find out who wins?

Naturally, our physical body needs food. It is the food we eat which keeps us up and running. Without a second thought, food is the fuel for the physical body.

But one thing to observe is the food we eat, the diet we follow is our choice… healthy or unhealthy? And there is a difference in how we feel following either of the diets.

While healthy food makes us feel fresh and energy-boosted, the unhealthy food lowers our energy and freshness level.

No brainer, you know these things, but there is a reason I am saying this… My dear friend,

much like our physical body, which runs on what we eat, our mental body runs on what we feed.

I’ll come straight to the point, there are two bulls inside our mind. These bulls feed on two different feeds. Interestingly, only one feed is available at a point. As a result, one bull is always hungry, and the other bull is always full. And so, the fight is always on between the two to get their respective feed.

These might be some of your questions seeking answers. 

Yes, now the time has come to meet both the bulls…

Let us meet the first bull:

This bull is always happy, positive, compassionate, cheerful, stress-free, high on inner-self attributes, and hence high on life. I call it the Saint’s bull, which is always hungry for positive emotions.

It feeds on joy, gratitude, pride, love which it attracts from the outside world. We can say it is the healthy food which the saint’s bull craves for!!!

Let us meet the second bull:

This bull inside us is always sad, angry, frustrated, low in inner-self attributes, and hence is depressed all the time. I call it a Demon’s bull, which is always hungry for negative emotions.

This bull feeds on hatred, stress, jealousy which it attracts from the outside world. We can conclude that it is the unhealthy food which the demon’s bull craves for!!!

Now, when we have met both the bulls, let’s talk about the availability of feed for the bulls. 

Situations providing food to the Saint’s bull:

  1. The arrival of a newborn
  2. Monetary gains and profits
  3. Job promotion
  4. Success in any competitive field
  5. Accomplishment of goals
  6. A celebration party

These are some situations from our personal and professional sphere in which the saint’s bull gets the feed from the outside world. This is why we feel happy and joyous in these situations.

Let us find out the instances which provide food to the demon’s bull:

  • Loss of life of a loved one

  • Monetary Losses

  • Failure in a competition

  • Embarrassments and Criticisms

In these situations, the only feed available from the surrounding environment is for the demon’s bull. It is the reason we feel sad and unfortunate. Any of these losses is capable to feed the demon’s bull for a good number of days or maybe weeks, months, depending upon the intensity of the situation.

But wait…

  1. Is it always the situation responsible to feed the bulls?

  2. Can we always define situations as favorable or unfavorable? 

  3. Do we face these situations now and then?

Huh… these are some intriguing questions… aren’t they?

Allow me to answer them…

My dear friend, it is not always the situation responsible for the either bull’s feed. It is because the situation is not always favorable or unfavorable. 

The frequency of the above situations is very less in a human being’s life. Neither there is an arrival of a newborn every day, nor do we suffer the death of a close one now and then. Neither we are always defined by success nor we are always a failure.

Then, which are the concerning situations and who is responsible for providing the feed to the bulls in these situations? 

To your surprise, you are very much acquainted with the situations which are neither favorable nor unfavorable, but you don’t realize it.

My dear friend, these situations are none other than the daily-life situations, and the one responsible to provide the feed in these situations is You… Yourself… Yes, you read it right!!!

Yes, I’m talking about the everyday-life where the role of situations is negligible to provide the feed to either of the bulls. 

There is just no role of the outer environment. And when the ball is in our court, are we feeding the saint’s bull?

If you ask me, I’m sorry, we are not…Unknowingly; we are feeding the demon’s bull, and this is where the problem lies!!!

Time for some Happy Realizations!!! 

We respond to the outside world in obedience to the bull which feeds the most. We all want to stay happy. None of us opts for sorrow and negativity.

But for that, are we doing something? Why aren’t we feeding our saint’s bull? Why is the demon’s bull healthier and the stronger bull inside most of us?

The reason is simple…

We are subconsciously feeding the demon’s bull. In this competitive world, where competition begins at home, we are more likely to attract the negativity compared to positivity. Consequently, we feed the demon’s bull. We get attracted to negativity compared to positivity. And this is why our natural mind-state has become sadness.

Having said that, 

why are we allowing the outside world to take control of our inside world? 

We can’t get away with it playing the blame game on people and situations. Something is not going right within us. Instead of blaming the outside world, are we trying to change what is wrong within us?

Beautifully quoted by Albert Einstein…

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.

Happiness is not by chance, but by choice.

The only reason you are happy is because you choose to be happy.

Happiness is a choice, and so is suffering.”

Final Realizations…

No wonder, food is the essence of life. We need to provide the feed to any of them to keep ourselves running.

Shockingly, we are so lost in feeding the demon’s bull that we even forget about feeding the saint’s bull. Because of not getting the feed over an extended period, the saint’s bull eventually dies. Thereon, even if we want to feed the saint’s bull and feel happy, all our efforts are in vain. It is because the saint’s bull is already dead.

Final words… 

Let us feed our saint’s bull right now. It is because the same applies here… When we keep the demon’s bull food-deprived for a good period, it will die. This will help us fight even the unfavorable situations. Yes, even the unfavorable situations cannot kill our positivity because we have already killed our demon’s bull.

Let us chose happiness as our natural mind state!!!

So, my dear friend, there are two bulls inside us fighting with each other. The one who wins is the one we feed the most. Rest assured, we are feeding either one. Which of the bulls are you feeding?