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Expectations might push you towards your goal, but sometimes they hurt you. Yes, expectations hurt terribly. Well, the people expecting out of you might close to you.  It is because of the closeness with them; you want to fulfill their expectations. As a result, you get overburdened by those expectations. Eventually, what happens is you start believing in the notion...

You cannot be happy if your monotonous life misses any of three E’s

Do you pick up and eat whatever life throws at you? Does submission to destiny define your monotonous life? monotonous life: If you could sense any bit, let’s unlock the unsung reality. Nobody knows what’s coming, but what worse than settling down with customary existence; as repetitive as a seconds’ ticker. If your life ride is sans the three E’s- Exploration,...

The Most Successful Failure…

Not only an intriguing title; I'll also make sure that the article is worth reading... Step by step, we shall try to get into it. First of all, let us try to approach the word ‘SUCCESS.' How does one define success?  Commonly, Success can be defined as the accomplishment of goals and objectives. For some people, the definition of success could also...

Do you need a life coach? Pros and cons of life coaching

Do you need a life coach?  I observed a drastic increase in Google searches revolving around hiring a life coach. Searches like best life coaches, life coach near me, find a life coach, get a life coach, are trending. These intriguing searches instigated me to get a deeper insight into insights of life coaching — who is a life...

25 Ways to Achieve Anything  You want in Life

Struggling to discover the success ways? As minors, most of us are fortunate to have parents guide us to our next move. In schools and colleges, we have teachers and professors as our mentors.    But as soon as we turn into independent individuals, most of us...

Boring life? 4 super effective ways to break the monotony

Kind attention: Read if your fight is not only materialistic in nature but also for eternal happiness while fighting! Boring life: What defines your monotonous life? My monotony of life? This generation’s monotonous life? A haunting tradition following since the X generation! It’s a pre-defined conventional journey — starts with a super active kid in school, an adventurous teenager in college days, and...

What Happens to the Brain During Spiritual Experiences?

Brain During Spiritual
What is Spirituality ? Spirituality is a concept of being connected with the soul, in other terms it can be called as something bigger than ourselves. The aim of spirituality always involves the search for life. Spiritual experiences can be categorized as sacred or religious but it has a bigger meaning than all of these....

Cricket is life…Life is Cricket

life as like cricket
Cricket is life...Life is cricket : If you are living in a country called India, I am sure you could relate to any of the two emotional phrases in the title. It is just that you define one of the phrases. This is where the article becomes a must-read for you. Forget Fear, Do Something Different.” ― Mahendra Singh Dhoni...

You should only enjoy the praises from others only when you also feel that you deserve it…

appreciation and appraisal
As it comes: Everyone loves appreciation and appraisal from others. Come on, accept it that you like to get praised by others. It is because you get boosted and motivated by those appreciations. Sometimes, you even get flattered by those praises. But, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you enjoy those praises and appreciation from...

Materialistic Happiness=Outside Happiness=Momentary Happiness=Dependent Happiness=Illusive Happiness

Like many of my other write-ups, this article also starts with a small story, so that I can fully connect with you.  A short story: Once, there was a sparrow. She realized that her chick is fully grown up. She did not want the child sparrow to be dependent on her anymore. She wanted her child to experience the life austerities...






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