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Expectations might push you towards your goal, but sometimes they hurt you. Yes, expectations hurt terribly. Well, the people expecting out of you might close to you.  It is because of the closeness with them; you want to fulfill their expectations. As a result, you get overburdened by those expectations. Eventually, what happens is you start believing in the notion...


Success is not a milestone but a journey. No two individuals are the same. Every person is different in character, traits, thinking, background and many more aspects. Therefore, there is no particular mantra for success. Every person has to define their path to success. However, there are some pieces of advice provided by great personalities that can help you in...

A conscious mind is a gateway to happiness

Yes, it all starts with your mind...

Why is there so much negativity in this world?

Straight out, it is your way of looking at things and people. Negativity is only the one side of the coin. Yes, there could be many things happening around you that you don’t like. In fact, there are two set of things leading to negativity... Things happening around you, which can be seen by everyone... Every another day, you read...

What is Karma?

"Whatever goes around comes around." Yes, it is the bottom-line of Karma. Karma is our action or deed; no matter how small or big. Whatever we do, has an objective behind it. Karma also deals with that objective. If we do something good to others but it has an evil intention behind it, then according to karma, it is wrong. Likewise,...

Why you could not express your originality everywhere? Here’s where you should

Express myself
A hell lot is happening… both inside and around. Buckets of tears sinking through the basin drain, not even a drop could find a wiping hand.   But that’s an incomplete beginning. Because it’s not only about pain… You could find no one who feels your bundle of...

You Lose Via Expectations…

When people don't fulfill your expectations, you get hurt. Your undue expectation from people has become one big reason to feel negative.  Therefore, it is imperative to find out why these expectations and from whom are these expectations? Why do you expect and from whom do you expect? In today’s world, you expect from people because you want them to ‘Return the favor...

How can anyone feel positive with so much negativity around?

 The world is full of negative energies and negative people around us. There are many instances which we see, hear, read and subsequently feel every day. The unnatural deaths due to deadly diseases, sudden accidents, brutal rapes, fatal crimes; moreover the betrayals, hypocrisy, jealousy and many more…you are bound to feel negative. But, this is one way of feeling...

Why is Self-Motivation important?

You might face many situations in life where you know that you did well. Also, for that, you seek appreciation from others. You might deserve it, but sometimes you don't get it. It is quite disheartening. Friends, you need to comprehend that it is a cruel world out there. The sooner you realize it, the better it will be for...


Even if you are not a winner, appear like one. It is one of the most important traits of your personality to lead a healthy life. It is the reflection of your self-belief. A confident person lives far better life than a person with low self- confidence. Well, there are simple things that help in acquiring this particular trait. One...






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