How to deal with negative emotions which are dominant over my happiness?


First of all, you are not a robot, who will not feel anything. It is quite human to feel things and allow the emotions act accordingly. However, what creates a problem is staying in the same mode for an elongated time.

It is very healthy to experience emotions. Nonetheless, what’s important is never hold the emotions inside you over a long period. It is equally essential to treat the negative emotions same as the positive emotions. A person who treats a failure same as his/her success doesn’t have to search for happiness outside. 

There are few things which will help you to stay away from negativity:

-A healthy body holds a healthy brain. This mind helps us to make decisions. Therefore, eat healthy to think healthy.

– Meditate for inner peace and happiness. The people who always stay happy and stress-free are the ones who know how to connect with their inner self.  

-It is equally important to connect with people. Therefore, love, laugh, enjoy with the people around you.  The World itself is an inspiration.  

– Our surrounding plays a significant role in our upbringing. Therefore, it is important to have good friends; few friends doesn’t matter. 

-Never look for a  reason to be happy. You, yourself are the biggest reason for your happiness.

-Treat yourself on small achievements. Always try to be self-motivated.

-Make peace with your past. Never over-think about situations that hurt you in the past.

-Be compassionate.Make somebody happy. It creates a euphoric sensation within you and makes you a better person. Be kind and generous to people who are less privileged than you. 

You know yourself better than others. So, start listening to yourself and stay away from negativity.