Why is there so much negativity in this world?


Straight out, it is your way of looking at things and people. Negativity is only the one side of the coin. Yes, there could be many things happening around you that you don’t like.

In fact, there are two set of things leading to negativity…

  • Things happening around you, which can be seen by everyone…

Every another day, you read the newspapers or scroll down on facebook to find out about the brutal crimes, the freaking accidents, the untimely demises, the deadly diseases, the uprooting poverty and many such incidents to affect you adversely for quite some time.

  • Things happening inside you, which can only be seen by you…

It is good to be self-aware but yes, you may not always look beautiful when you see yourself in the mirror. And when you don’t do something about the same, it infuses elements fuelling negativity. Those elements are jealousy, comparison with others, pervert thoughts, materialistic addiction, self-harming thoughts and so on.

Interestingly, there is a sub-category in this aspect. And this category is negativity because of expectations.

Always remember that expectations from people and of people, both infuses negativity. It is because sometimes the expectations are fulfilled and sometimes not. And when the expectations fail because of betrayals, broken trusts or failures, it’s by-product feeling induces negativity.

If are not a victim of it yet, keep sailing the way you are. And if you have gone through it, not a problem either. The only thing is that you learned it the hard way. The good thing about these things happening to you is that it teaches you the best of life lessons, if you are ready to perceive it that way.

The worst part…

When you cannot stop and change the wrong happenings, it leads to negativity. See, there are different kinds of people living on this planet. All are different and somewhere that is the cause of stability as well.

If you ask me how to get rid of it…

You cannot change the course of nature. Everything is not under your control. But yes, you are fully in control of the things happening around you and inside you. And if something is happening wrong, be aware of it and take the responsibility of changing it.

Nonetheless, what you can do is see the other side of the coin; THE POSITIVE SIDE. There could also be people who love you. There could be many things and situations which are favorable to you. There could be your credentials and achievements, which might give you a sense of pride and self-motivation. Friends, why are you not able to feel and realize it? The reason could be you are too busy sniffing the negativity than to count your blessings.

What else you can do is start expressing your negativity in any form, be it by speaking out, writing, exercising, be it any form as you look. But never retain it inside. You know, expressing negativity in any form is also your deliberate attempt to convert your negativity into positivity.

Time for some Practical Realizations… 

Look, the ideal conditions are not always possible. There is no point overthinking about things which cannot be changed or overturned. Just stay true to yourself and KARMA shall take care of the rest.

Remember, there are two bulls inside you fighting against each other. The one who wins is the one you feed the most. Life is beautiful. You just need to change the way of looking at it. Take the help of nature and start enjoying it. Sensing the beauty of nature is the biggest healer of negativity. Start appreciating the things which you have instead of crying over things which you desire. START MEDITATING. IT WILL HELP SURELY. Bring in some “Happy Realizations.”