What is the difference between ‘Loser attitude and Nothing to lose attitude’?


Before evaluating the differences, let’s find out the similarity between both the attitude. 

Did you notice that both the attitude have four consecutive letters in common-‘LOSE’?

You know what does it mean?

It means that both the attitude(loser/nothing to lose) are provoked by a loss.

Now, there are two possible conditions involving a loss. 

  1. You are on the verge of losing.
  2. You have already lost.

Subsequently, when you encounter any of the above-mentioned situations,  it provokes either a ‘nothing to lose’ attitude or you develop a ‘loser attitude’.  

An example involving sports where you are on the verge of losing…

Two players are playing a game of squash inside two different courts.  The game is of 5 sets. Both the players lose the first two sets. Obviously, the recovery seems extremely difficult hereon.

Now, let us try to compare and analyze their respective attitude where one develops a loser attitude while the other develops a nothing to lose attitude. 

The one with the ‘loser attitude:’

After losing the first two sets out of five, the person with a negative mindset starts considering himself as a loser even before the result of the game. It evokes fear inside him and he begins saying to himself that he cannot win from this particular game-situation. Eventually, he surrenders to a situation and showcases a ‘loser attitude’ in the subsequent game-set. This attitude fails to deliver miserably, no need to mention the outcome.

The one with the ‘nothing to lose attitude.’  

A person with a positive frame of mind sees things differently. After losing the first two sets, he sets himself free. Even he starts considering himself as a loser but with a different mindset. As soon as he accepts his loss, he starts seeing it as a different ball game altogether. It evokes a fearless attitude within him as he is already considering himself as a loser. He starts feeling that he cannot go down anymore and plays the rest of the game carefree and stress-free. Trust me, most of the times he is able to turn the tables around from nowhere, and an evident lose turns out to be a surprising victory.

Let us consider a monetary example where the loss has already occurred:

Two businessmen suffered a huge financial loss in their respective trades.

The one with a loser attitude:

The person with the loser attitude starts feeling embarrassed and ashamed. He is not able to sink that loss inside his mind. As a result, it never lets him overcome that loss or defeat. That fear of losing refrains him from starting again. As a result, he always considers himself a loser. 

The one with a nothing to lose attitude:

There is the other businessman who considers it as an opportunity, the opportunity to start from scratch, where he cannot go down beyond it. This attitude allows him to realize his mistakes so that he never repeats it again.

Time for some Happy Realizations!!!

Friends, we all lose on something at some point in time.  But what makes us a loser or winner depends upon our attitude. Yes, ‘the attitude is always the game changer.’

As I always say, Failures and Losses are inevitable chapters of everyone’s life journey. Nonetheless, what we can control is how we perceive those losses. Always remember, ‘nothing to lose attitude’ enables you to go all in where you fully utilize your potential and capabilities.  

To sum up… 

If you have a ‘loser attitude’, you are bound to lose; if you have a ‘nothing to lose attitude’, rest assured, you can only move up because you don’t fear the loss anymore. 

What’s your attitude?