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Boring life? 4 super effective ways to break the monotony

Kind attention: Read if your fight is not only materialistic in nature but also for eternal happiness while fighting! Boring life: What defines your monotonous life? My monotony of life? This generation’s monotonous life? A haunting tradition following since the X generation! It’s a pre-defined conventional journey — starts with a super active kid in school, an adventurous teenager in college days, and...

What Happens to the Brain During Spiritual Experiences?

Brain During Spiritual
What is Spirituality ? Spirituality is a concept of being connected with the soul, in other terms it can be called as something bigger than ourselves. The aim of spirituality always involves the search for life. Spiritual experiences can be categorized as sacred or religious but it has a bigger meaning than all of these....

My Mind is Fighting a Lost Battle Against Time

Mind is Fighting a Lost Battle Against Time
My mind runs here, there, everywhere trying to win the race against time. It retreats to the past, leaps into the future, only to lose in the present. My present moment is rolling but my mind is ahead or behind it. The poor mind is losing in both cases and you know who’s winning? Time!!! I never realized when it became a competition...

How I Slipped into Depression; What I did to Revive Like Never

How did I slip into depression? I was super-sensitive to every emotion, irrespective positive or negative. I didn’t know where to draw the line.  Positive triggers like success, appreciation, love, took me all over to the moon. And the negative forces of failure, criticism, hatred, left deep bruises on my mind....

An open letter from a child who is now a parent, dedicated to all the parents…

  Dear Parents, Greetings!!! My age is 32 now. I became a father of beautiful daughter four years back. I am writing this letter because now, I can fully comprehend how it feels to become a parent, just like you.  It is magical. I am really enjoying my parenthood. I have also realized that only my daughter can give me an opportunity...


Expectations might push you towards your goal, but sometimes they hurt you. Yes, expectations hurt terribly. Well, the people expecting out of you might close to you.  It is because of the closeness with them; you want to fulfill their expectations. As a result, you get overburdened by those expectations. Eventually, what happens is you start believing in the notion...






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