Why is it important to stay aware in the present moment?


The past is gone; The future is unpredictable. What you have and what you can control right now is your present. It is imperative to feel it to enjoy it.

As they say, time and tide wait for none; likewise, you should appreciate the present moment rather than making a hue and cry of your past or worrying about the future.

On the contrary, what you do is either you ponder upon your past, or you are busy making plans for future. As a result, you neglect to feel the essence of the present moment.You need to realize that ‘now’ is the moment to cherish. These small moments in the present moment can only make your life happy. Awareness in the present moment makes every moment memorable in a way where you don’t need memories to cherish later.

When you enjoy the present, the future is bound to be good. One foot in the past and one foot in the future is just like keeping your feet in two boats and trying to make a balance to stay safe. This way, you will not only hurt yourself but also will lose the precious moments of now.

STOP HERE. Take deep breaths. Enjoy the NOW. Don’t run away from it. Don’t allow your thinking to take control over your feelings. Things will happen. You are neither early nor late. Respect the ‘TIME ZONE.’ Just flow with each passing moment.  Relax and enjoy the present moment. Learn the art of Meditation to stimulate your feelings, which will keep you away from overthinking.

Life is beautiful. Start cherishing every moment now.