How to keep ourselves away from overthinking?


Sometimes, we overburden our mind with many things. The most of these many things are so petty that don’t deserve a place in our minds. On the contrary, these trivial things occupy the most of our mind’s space. It consumes the most of our time as well as energy, which we can utilize elsewhere.

So, before we think anything, we need to prioritize our thoughts. Subsequently, it is essential to ask ourselves whether that particular matter is important now or there are other things which require our attention. 

Also, what we can do is set a time limit for every work and action. Let us not over-occupy ourselves in anything for an elongated period. Let us divert our mind by indulging in something else. Indulgence in something else breaks the chain of current thoughts.

Even, there are some situations where we become rattled and clueless. In those cases, we should not hesitate to take the help from people who are good at it. We should never feel ashamed as help from somebody will only enhance our skills. 

Furthermore, taking breaks from work after a specified time duration is also important. It soothes our mind. 

Last but not the least, spending quality time with family and friends keeps us away from stressful situations, and consequently keeps us away from overthinking.

Nonetheless, it is not at that easy as it looks. Most of the times, thoughts are not under our control. Managing and prioritizing the thinking process is extremely difficult. LET US START MEDITATING. 

Meditation is a channel to connect with the inner self. Until and unless we explore our inner self, we will not be able to regulate and monitor our thought process. Learning the art of Meditation may take some time, but we need to be patient. Rest assured, we will discover the magic. Moreover, once we taste its feel, the thought process shall certainly be in our control.




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