What is right and what is wrong?

Neither you are right, nor you are wrong. You are just a slave to your priorities. So, let us stop judging people and situations by labeling them right or wrong.

right or wrong

Am I right or am I wrong?

This question comes to your mind mostly before and after any action. Let us try to find an answer.

Dear friend, your right and wrong beliefs are subjected to many spheres- personal, professional, political, economic and so on. But a person’s life revolves largely around two spheres-personal and professional.

Involving these two spheres, let us take the help of illustrations straight away to unlock the right and wrong beliefs.

You can have right and wrong beliefs about:

  1. Situations
  2. People

Let us take a situation-based instance from the personal sphere…

If I ask you…Is God right or wrong? This question may sound weird to you but trust me it’s logical. So please answer it to yourself.

Now, did you feel that your spontaneous answer is biased towards your current situation? Confused?

Let me clear this out for you. Suppose, your life today is a fairytale which is loaded with happiness. No wonder, God is right according to you today.

God forbid but let us assume the other side…Maybe there was a time when you surfaced a sudden loss or a failure. Your life was shattered and there was sadness all around. And if I had asked you the same question then, God would have been wrong according to you.

Please be brave enough to accept that it’ true…Yes, it happens with most of us.

What I want to say is…your answer today is based on the situation you are in today. You felt it, right? And this is what happens most of the times. The spontaneity to react to a given situation bypasses the concepts of right and wrong. 

Let us take the example of people in your professional sphere…

If I ask you whether your boss is right or wrong?

Obviously, your answer shall be based on the current tuning with him. Yes, even your boss is not always wrong.

The day when he applauds you or offers you incentives or talks about your salary raise, he is right. But the day when he screams at you or overburdens you with work, the same boss is wrong. 

The same thinking is applicable when you are the boss…The day you see your employee devoting extra time to work, cracking a deal, achieving targets, he is right… and when he takes long leaves, asks for a salary hike, commits mistakes, he is wrong.

I hope you agree that it happens more often than not… 

One observation drawn from this example is that you adjusted your right and wrong as per time and situation you are placed in…

Well, whether this adjustment of yours is justified, let us find out…

Here’s the interesting part…

You are just another person who is making a choice as per his/her convenience of time and situation…and likewise, others are doing it. And there is nothing wrong with it.

My dear friend, you are just a slave to our priorities. Your right and wrong are molded as per time and situation you are placed in. It is all about your priorities and you don’t need to feel sorry for the same. It is the practicality of the real world. And there is nothing much you can change about it. So let us stop judging people and situations, and stop labeling them as right or wrong…

An eye opener…

When your life is loaded with materialistic options, you might feel that thinking always about the money is wrong. But God forbid, when you are not even able to fulfill your basic necessities of life, all you want is money.

Now tell me, whether you are right or wrong? Will you judge yourself now?

I am sure you will not…Not to demean you, I asked you this just to expand the horizon of your right-wrong beliefs.

Time for in-depth realizations!!!

You define your right and wrong based on your own judgments, experiences, understanding, and knowledge. And it is perfectly fine.

But do you know what is unacceptable?

It’s when you allow people to define your right and wrong…Yes, it’s unacceptable.

The people’s role:

Knowingly or unknowingly, there are many instances where you authorize people to decide your right or wrong.

Na na…never do that. You will never be able to make the correct decisions. Let them guide you but never authorize them to define you. I may be sounding too direct but this is what I firmly believe in. This is what I have learned from my experience. Listen to everybody but authorize yourself to make a call.

What happens is when your decision proves right, you are the person responsible for it. It helps you to make bold and independent decisions and always keeps you self-motivated.

Even if the decision taken proves wrong, you won’t criticize anyone for it, you will know the exact loopholes which shall go down as a wonderful experience. It will make you a responsible individual where you won’t repeat the mistakes again.

Yes, always listen to everybody but never get influenced by others’ responses to a given situation. Remember, nothing and nobody can teach you worthy life-lessons than your mistakes. Mistakes and failures are the gateways to experience. No matter how smart and knowledgeable you are, it is the experience which outsmarts every other quality.

It happens on several occasions that people’s right is wrong according to you. Beware…never commit to it because when it proves to be wrong, it can cause never-ending pain and regret. Your self-love will get affected severely.

Don’t let others dictate the terms for you. Trust your instincts and gut-feel at decision-time so that it could be counted as an experience, irrespective of the outcome. Always remember that the worst outcome leads to the best of experience. There is nothing called as a ‘negative experience’.

You must be familiar with the word ‘debate’. It is quite popular in schools, colleges, students, and friends. It is just an exchange of thoughts between people having a difference of opinion….that’s it. And this is the way we learn new things, right? Nobody is right or wrong in a debate. Now I hope you are gradually unlocking your right-wrong mysteries.

Parameters which always remain constant:

Keep doing whatever you want to but never forget that sooner or later, you have to settle your accounts with your karma.

You just can’t get away with everything saying that there is nothing called as right or wrong. Some domains must always remain constant…your values, morals, character, attitude.

You cannot justify the thefts, robberies, rapes, killing people and other heinous crimes…No, you just cannot get away with it by calling it right.

You are right when you are answerable at least to yourself. Never forget that your right to please yourself never gives you the right to inflict pain to others, at least intentionally.

Things to be taken care of when you make the choices:

  1. It should not hurt anyone.
  2. It should not be defined by anyone except you.
  3. It must not be against your values and character.


You tend to adjust your right and wrong as per the convenience of time and situation, which is quite reasonable. However, one thing which is unfathomable is allowing people to decide it. This way, you will never be able to unlock your right-wrong beliefs.

And therefore, do whatever you want bypassing the conventional concepts of right and wrong. But at the same time, you need to be careful that you don’t hurt anyone intentionally by your choices.

Everything is acceptable but always remember, nothing is above the character and values of an individual, which lays his/her foundation. Keep doing things without the people’s judgments and allow karma to take care of the rest.

The bottom-line:

Commit a few mistakes, gain experience and never give others the authority to define your right or wrong. Allow your consciousness and awareness to deal with it. Good luck!!!