There’s a lot more you are losing if you are an alcoholic…

You cannot think of happiness, you can only feel it. And alcohol is killing your ability to feel. Always remember, either you can be high on life or you can be high on alcohol.


‘The bad taste to the tongue is always good for health’. It is a common psyche we inherit from our ancestors and parents. But I am sorry not in this case, not in the case of alcohol.

Alcohol tastes bad and is bad for health too!!!

A few studies claim if you have it in moderate quantities, it is good for your body. But in this article, it is not the body I am concerned about… the subject in question is ‘THE MIND.’ And if the mind gets affected, the mind-body balance also gets affected. 

Sink into your mind that mental health is the controller of the entire human system. And the body cannot be healthy without a healthy mind.

And did we say ‘moderate quantity’? Do we mean it? Let us talk practically. How many of the drinkers seriously know the meaning of responsible drinking or moderate drinking? And even if they know it, how many alcohol drinkers follow it? 

Let me present a fact before you as a testimony. Deaths caused because of alcohol worldwide is 3.3 million(approx) every year.


Don’t you think the definition of ‘moderate’ in case of alcohol is subjective?

My dear friend… the effects and after-effects of alcohol are not the same on everyone’s body and mind. If we talk about the mind, a person gets high in one drink while the other needs a bottle to reach the same state. In the case of the body, metabolism has a major role to play how everybody digests alcohol. And the metabolism of every individual is different.

Even in the case of hangovers, a couple of drinks can cause hangover to a person while a person who gulped half a bottle last night wakes up fresh today.

If we refer to the scientific studies, two drinks in men and one drink in a woman daily can be good for one’s health. Sorry, but I don’t agree with it. Which health are they talking about… physical or mental, it is not clear? And even if we assume that they are referring to both the health aspects, don’t you think this finding is impractical? 

If you ask me, I  say this finding is subjective. Maybe an occasional single drink is harmful to me but your health permits you to have three drinks daily. Maybe you follow a healthy diet so your health allows you to have it. And my diet is full of junky fats, and a single drink can be disastrous. It is different in case of every individual.

Even if we talk about the transformation within a person, a daily drinker who gets high in one drink today might need two drinks to reach the same state after a month. And the level seeking the same intoxication might reach to four after a year. The quota keeps on increasing.


And now if you ask me who is an alcoholic?

Straight out, if you are a daily drinker, I shall call you an alcoholic. Because rarely people stick to the fixed daily count.

I know, you are not liking this article if you are a daily drinker. You may have a lot to contradict but trust me, I am saying this from my personal experience.

I have been drinking for over ten years and I never realized when that occasional drinking led to daily-drinking. And when that fixed count of two drinks gave way to four’s and five’s.

No, I have not stopped drinking to point these lectures on you. Let me tell you that I still drink alcohol. But now, I don’t decide a time or day for it. It is just spontaneous, it is just rare. I never plan it. Neither do I wait for a moment nor do I crave for it. Neither I look at reasons to drink, nor do I drink to forget the reality.

And believe me, it is nothing less than a life-changing experience.

So, I would say there are some heartfelt realizations coming up which you cannot afford to miss. At least something you can relate to.

It is a must-read even for the non-alcoholics because of a couple of reasons…

  1. You know people close to you who are alcoholics, commonly known as tankers.
  2. If you don’t drink alcohol today, it does not mean you won’t hold a glass tomorrow.



An alcoholic finds a reason to drink daily…You must be familiar with these words which an alcoholic uses in different situations.

  • When they are sad or depressed, they say… I need a drink today.
  • Happy or joyful… let’s have some drinks to celebrate.


  • In case of a failure… I need a couple of drinks to get over it.
  • Success… cheers to my victory.


  • On a rainy day… I love to drink whiskey in the rains.
  • Chilly day… let’s drink rum to get rid of the cold.
  • Summers… let’s drink beer to hydrate.


  • Suffering from cold… A brandy with luke-warm water.
  • Health is fine… cheers to good health.


  • Feeling useless… I need a drink to overcome the guilt…
  • Worked a lot today… I deserve a couple of drinks.


  • Let’s drink to the hangovers, let’s drink to the freshness. 


  • Cheers to friends and cheers to loneliness. 


  • Let’s drink because it’s a party… Let’s drink to get rid of the work-pressure.


  •  One drink when found love, five drinks when lost love.

Yes, this is the way it is going. And if you ask them, how many days in a week do you drink… You can get a reply…only two days…today and tomorrow. You can laugh it off but they are speaking out the truth.

From extreme highs to extreme lows…they drink.  

But if we scrutinize the extremes of the two situations in which they drink, either they drink to escape the reality or become fully aware of the reality. But the sad state is that neither of the things is happening. Neither anyone can escape the reality and beware if you think alcohol makes you aware in the present moment.

How is alcohol killing you?

It is killing your brain cells, your body, your relationship, money, time, everything. How? Let us find out…

Brain cells…It’s literally killing it. It is stealing the freshness of mind and as a result, you are losing the ability to feel. Eventually, it is leading to serious mental diseases, even depression sometimes.

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Body… The most affected organ is the liver. And you know the most dreaded part… The damage of the liver due to alcohol is hardly identified in the earlier stages.

Relationships… Not only your personal relationship but even your professional relationship gets hampered due to alcohol. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, when it is your drinking time, you need it, no matter whatever the circumstance.

Time… Yes, instead of using your precious time in productivity, you are just killing it in non-productivity…I agree that drinking sometimes is important for socializing but daily drinking is just unjustified.

Destructive thoughts… No wonder, drinking excessive alcohol leads to destructive thoughts. You get provoked over small things. And yes, your rage can take you to an extent you can’t imagine.

Monetary loss… No need to mention how costly affair it is to drink alcohol daily. I have seen people craving alcohol to an extent they sell the amenities of daily-need to meet the ends of alcohol. Yes, I have seen this happening.

Accidents… I had to mention it as a head because of the staggering figures of deaths caused by drink-and-drive. People just become too adventurous after consuming it. Don’t understand why?

I have to admit that I have been through instances when I was too drunk to recognize anyone and anybody… Ya, but one day, it was my father who opened the home door for me at 2 am.

I tried too hard not to stumble and fumble. I was convincing him I am not drunk even when he did not ask me anything. And he replied, go sleep, we shall talk tomorrow. Please don’t ask me what happened the subsequent morning. He made me see the moon and stars at 7 am… that is what I can say.

Drinking alcohol should be a spontaneous affair, not a planned one…

I am not against occasional drinking, but if you stick to it. Yes, please don’t fix a date and time for drinking. The best thing about occasional drinking is your orgasms are early. Haha… what I mean is that your number of drinks are well within the generalized limit.

The reason is simple. Your drink in moderation because you are not addicted or habituated to it. 
I am not at all in favor of one day fixed Saturday drinking either where you go bonkers and binge drink.

It is also important for you to realize how consuming alcohol daily is affecting your mental state.

The mental killing process…

There are two virtues… thinking and feeling. Always remember that you cannot think about happiness, you can only feel it. Alcohol is killing your ability to feel, and feel is the essence of happiness.  And when it is killing your ability to feel, there is a lot to ponder upon.

If you are addicted to alcohol, you might be jealous of people enjoying the mornings, their routine and regime, their healthy meals, laughter reaching their eyes. Even you want to do it but you cannot… you know why?

Because alcohol is not just killing your physical health, but it is also killing your freshness of mind which is leading to negative thinking. Because of what you have done at night, you are stressed and agitated the subsequent morning. Your confidence, esteem, belief… all these inner-self attributes go down because of it.

And you know the worst part of ‘why alcohol addiction becomes a vicious circle?’ It is because you want to be happy just like the other people but for that, you reach out to alcohol again.

So first alcohol makes you dependent for happiness, then it gives you a momentary illusion of happiness, taking away from the now… but you know what, I am afraid that you cannot run away from your now.

My God… for no one sake but for yours, try to realize it. The happiness from alcohol can last for only an hour or two. But what about the real happiness which is being killed for the entire twenty-two hours. Yes, I am also considering the sleeping time because alcohol is ruining your sound-sleep as well. 

Moreover, if you are a daily drinker, and you don’t drink one day, you cannot feel a positive difference immediately. It also takes times for alcohol to flush out from blood. So at least a week’s gap to measure the positive changes in your mind and body is a must.

And one day when you sleep at night without alcohol and wake up fresh, you will crave for that freshness again and again. And the taste of one fresh morning is enough to give you a boost to avoid consuming it. Just try to taste that freshness one morning.

Do you want to feel the happy-high naturally?

Straight out, real happiness is inside you which you can explore through Meditation.

I talk about meditation in almost every post because this is how important meditation is.

Check out the differences between intoxication and meditation in the video below:


Always remember, either you can be high on life or you can be high on alcohol. Make the right choice now!!!