What is an Ideal Condition and can we attain it?


An ideology about something, which is matchless and errorless is an Ideal condition. It is the perfect situation, which one seeks to attain. A search of the ideal condition has been going on since ages but nobody has the perfect answer to it.

It is the perception of a situation, which we desire. It is in the abstract form which we wish to realize practically. Most of us desire an ideal condition. Similarly, the definition of an ideal condition for every individual is different. Moreover, it’s definition keeps on changing.

Almost every individual craves for an ideal condition out of every situation but does everyone reach there? The matter of fact is that it is virtually impossible to reach there every time. The quest for perfection is fine, but to believe that everything will be perfect itself is a contradiction.

What happens is, when a situation is concluded, most of us feel that it could have been better. Subsequently, the reach to the ideal condition remains distant from us.

Moreover, many times, on the verge of actualizing our current ideal condition, we start craving for something else simultaneously. As a result, the feel of attainment is denied. Eventually, an ideal condition still remains the desired condition. 

One interesting observation which can be concluded is that there is only one ideal condition, ‘CHANGE’ because it is the change, which is bound to happen. It also adds to the reason why our desire for an ideal condition keeps on changing.

 Let us keep on trying.  Let us keep on grinning while bearing the hard knocks. Let us never allow the desire for an ideal condition distress us and kill our now.  Let us enjoy the never-ending journey to the ideal condition.