There are two bulls inside us competing with each other. The one who wins is the one we feed the most.


We all know that there are two sides of the coin. We are also aware of the fact that where there is good, there is evil. We all are also conscious of the fact that if something is right, something is also wrong. Similarly, the fact which we all need to get acquainted with is that we all have two bulls inside us. Surprised? Confused? I know that I am sounding weird but please do not draw a conclusion that I am irrational. I shall explain and justify every point I put forward.

Who are these bulls?

We all have two bulls inside us. They feed on two different feeds. Moreover, only one feed is available at a given point of time. As a result, at a given time, one is always hungry, and one is always full. They always have to fight amongst them to get the feed.

Who are these bulls? Why do they fight? What is their food? Why can’t we feed them together at the same time? These all might be few of the many questions which might be revolving in your mind? Let’s get down to the source and try to find out the answers.                 

The first bull:

One bull inside us is always happy, confident, content, meditated. Let us name this bull. Let’s call it a Saint’s bull, which is always hungry for positive emotions.  

Subsequently, it feeds on joy, gratitude, pride, love which it attracts from the outer world. The meaning of the external world in this context is what we sense from our surrounding environment.

The second bull:

The other bull inside us is always sad, stressed, negative and depressed. Let us call it a Demon’s bull, which is always hungry for negative emotions.  Subsequently, it feeds on hate, anger, jealousy, sadness which it senses from the surrounding environment.

The process:

We respond to the outside world in obedience to the bull which feeds the most. We all want to stay happy and positive.  None of us opts for sorrow and negativity. Accordingly, we all want to feed our saint’s bull. However, despite our efforts, the healthier and the stronger bull inside most of us is the demon’s bull.

In this competitive world, where competition begins at home; we are more likely to attract the negative emotions. Consequently, feed the demon’s bull instinctively. It is quite ironical and surprising, but nevertheless, it is a fact. Surely, something is not going right within us.  What is wrong? Why our saint’s Bull is not able to win over the demon’s bull even after our support and willingness? Can we put the blame on time and situation?

Yes, we can, to some extent. See, sometimes the circumstances we are into are not favorable for the saint’s bull to attract positivity and emit happiness. Let us try to understand it with the help of an example.

Instances which provide food to the demon’s bull:

We suffered a loss of life our loved ones or the loss of property. In both the cases, the only feed available from the surrounding environment will be for the demon’s bull. It is the reason why we feel sad, miserable and unfortunate. Any of these losses is capable enough to feed the demon’s bull for a good number of days or maybe weeks, months or years.

Let us consider more reasonable and daily life illustration. We failed in of the exams (academics, sports, music, arts, literature, and any field); we will not be able to feed our saint’s bull, at least for some time.

Instances providing food to the Saint’s bull:

There is an arrival of a newborn baby, or we pocket unpredictable monetary gains, or we succeed in any of the exams; it is the saint’s bull that is going to get the feed. This is why we feel happy, elated and joyous in these situations. 

Interestingly, there is one more time and situation when neither of the bulls gets the food all by themselves. It may come down as an eye opener, but I am talking about the day to day life.

Our Responsibility:

Our daily life is quite monotonous.  It is not subjected to failures and success, losses and gains all the time (not considering the rare extreme situations). Now, it is the time when we become responsible for providing food to any of the bulls. Obviously, food is the essence of life. We need to provide the feed to any of them to keep ourselves running and rolling. It is the time when the bull which is active is the BULL WE FEED THE MOST. It is entirely our choice.


Summing up, there are not many instances in our daily lives when we can hold anyone or anything responsible for our positivity/negativity. We have to stop playing the blame game for emitting negative emotions. It is us who have to learn the art of letting go. It is only us who have to uplift ourselves at least in front of ourselves, where we stop getting affected by any negativity outside. Most of the times, it is entirely our responsibility to feed the saint’s bull and consequently, stay happy, enjoy every moment and be thankful for what we have.

Final Realizations:

Shockingly, after knowing all of these, we feed the demon’s bull. Not only that, we get so much lost in feeding the demon’s bull that we even forget about feeding the saint’s bull. Consequently, because of not getting the feed over an unusually extended period, the saint’s bull eventually dies. There on, even if we want to feed the saint’s bull and feel happy, all our efforts are in vain. It is because the saint’s bull is already dead.

All things in perspective, most of the times, it is our responsibility to feed the saint’s bull and consequently, stay happy, enjoy every moment and be thankful for what we have.Our positive approach will become stronger and stronger. It will help us uplift ourselves in our bad times. Not only that, it would also let us overpower the negativity and give us strength during our tough times. Harnessing the energy of either of the bulls in normal day to day life is in our hands. Which of the bulls are you feeding?