It is virtually impossible to answer this question in a few words. In fact, one cannot overcome depression reading a few lines. Nonetheless, this post might be helpful.

In short, negative thoughts, stress, expectations, idleness are some of the many reasons leading to depression. Well, we must always try to find out the source of our negative thoughts and then act on it. Please do refer this post to understand the flow of negativity.

Most of the times, we don’t talk about these things. We keep things inside and that makes our condition worse. It is essential to pour out these emotions before they damage our thought process. Expressing is very important. 

Remember, negativity can be converted to positivity if it is not retained inside you. We must talk to our loved ones about our feelings and try to connect with people. It helps a lot. Also, we must try to do things which we are good at , than to do things imposed on us.

Moreover, we should try not to sit idle. Let us make ourselves available to the opportunities. Indulging in a hobby surely helps. Connecting to nature, going for jogging, playing a sport; these are very good mind and body detoxifiers.

Reading something inspirational, listening to good music are also very useful in elevating the mood.

Sometimes, it is very important to honor ourselves or give ourselves a treat. Recognition is a very important motivational tool. 

Learning to say “NO” is also equally important. We must never overburden ourselves with work or thinking. Work should always be enjoyed.

Remember, fighting depression is a continuous process. Never expect miracles overnight.