Define Morals and Why are They Important?

Morals are the basic understandings, values, and beliefs of a particular person or a group or a culture that defines how we should live our life. Sometimes, these are written or expressed in books; sometimes these are words of great people whom we believe.   Morals are universal teachings that we try to practice every day. Morals are ideal in themselves....

How can anyone feel positive with so much negativity around?

 The world is full of negative energies and negative people around us. There are many instances which we see, hear, read and subsequently feel every day. The unnatural deaths due to deadly diseases, sudden accidents, brutal rapes, fatal crimes; moreover the betrayals, hypocrisy, jealousy and many more…you are bound to feel negative. But, this is one way of feeling...


Before starting any journey, one has to know the destination.  Without a destination, the voyage is incomplete.  Let us assume that we have a set of skills. However, until we don’t know what to do with those skills, they are good for nothing. It’s like living life without a purpose. Goals are essential to move forward in life. Moreover, they...

Appearances are Deceptive…

What does the word 'Appearance' mean? The word Appearance is not that easy to comprehend than it seems. The meaning of 'Appearance' according to of the most of us is sheer 'Physical appearance.' However, if we see only the physical aspect of this word, it's meaning becomes quite elusive and deceptive. It is a lot more extensive than mere physical appearance.  So...






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