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Hello!!! My name is Amanpreet Singh Tuteja and I want you to stay happy. 

I am a blogger by passion and a businessman by profession. My blogging journey started with diary writing in 2016 when I was gifted with a diary and a pen from my beloved wife Gurdeep Kaur.

I was struggling in my life with negativity, unhappiness, inner self-complexities, and many other problems. On top of that, I didn’t discuss it with anyone. I started expressing my feelings in that diary which made me feel lighter and better.

It soon turned into my passion and here I am with an open platform to hear and get heard. I have realized that it is human to face negativity but expressing it is the biggest healer. And I want you to realize it too.

All my blog posts are my heartfelt practical realizations, the way I have known life thus far. Neither am I a preacher nor a psychologist. I am just a common man who is filled with feelings and emotions.

As I said that I was down with stress, negativity, and inner-self complexities and it all started breaking and killing me from inside. Eventually, I fell prey to a very severe mental disease called depression. I was under the medication for 5 long years.

It might have continued maybe for a lifetime, but God had something else in store for me. I got infected with jaundice some time back, and a liver affected by jaundice does not permit you to take those pills.

I was forced to stop the medicines and had no other option than to bear the severe side effects of discontinuing the medicines suddenly. But gradually, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I started feeling better as the effects eased out and eventually one morning I felt different. It was the freshness I had not experienced in a long time.

That day, I realized the difference between the two mind states (tired mind because of antidepressants and a fresh mind after quitting the pills). I promised myself that I will never take those pills again.

I started searching and trying for options to stay happy naturally, not the ones offering momentary happiness. I struggled a lot to find one but I kept on trying. Finally, I came across a technique called meditation.

Meditation is a powerful method to control the mind and so it requires a lot of concentration. To be honest, I started thinking that it is a waste of time but thought of giving it a few more tries. And yes, one morning, I reached a level which was different, a feeling which I had never felt before, the positiveness, the euphoria, the happiness, the feel of the present moment, the awareness.

It was the beginning of my self-exploration journey. There was no room for thoughts and therefore there was no scope for negativity. It was magical. I saw the real face of me, and it was beautiful. I realized that the foremost purpose of life is happiness.

I have surfaced the extremes of highs and lows of my mind and thus I can compare the extremes of positivity and negativity. I have learned many life lessons because of this comparison which I call my Happy Realizations.

I also found out that every other person is facing similar sort of problems and have the same kind of questions irrespective of their cast, gender, financial and social status or any and every other criterion. It inspired me to express myself on an open platform of Happy Realization.