Suicide must not be a proof of depression…

We have already discussed ‘How to overcome negativity and depression’ in one of the articles, in this post, we will discuss how to help the depressed people to win the battle over their mental miseries. This write-up shall definitely uplift you, irrespective of the sides you are sitting. It might shake you from inside and hit you straight at your heart, but we need to talk about it now.

The matter of fact is there are many people around you who need your help desperately but you never realize it. This article is definitely a strong realization coming up your way.

As it comes:

Mental problems cannot be apparently seen, it is the reason why fighting depression has become a humongous challenge. It is the reason why people facing it don’t want to talk about it. They keep on avoiding it and as a result, they keep on struggling with it.

The other big reason why depressed people keep battling it alone is that the other individuals don’t try to understand their plight. Trust me, it takes immense courage to confess these issues in front of anyone. But when they try to do so, instead of listening to them and helping them out, most of the times, your approach to their problems is one of the following:

1. You present your own worldly problems before them.

2. You start blaming them for their problems.

3.  You make fun of their problems.

4. You don’t take their problems seriously and avoid it.

As a result, they tend to sink further…

You might be wondering ‘Why should I listen to their problems? I am struggling myself, who will listen to my problems?’ Yes, you might be having many such questions…

I can completely understand; like they are struggling to cope with their mental problems, so are you. But don’t you think, as a human being it is your responsibility to at least listen to them, even if you don’t have answers and solutions to their problems.

Now, this is interesting…

There are two conditions possible:

1. You have a solution to their problems.

2. You don’t have a solution to their problems.

When you have a solution, do you realize that you are a potential lifesaver? Yes, you are…Just a couple of good pieces of advice can give the depressed people the needed strength to take their problems head-on. Their approach towards their problems can change quickly and drastically.

And even when you don’t have a solution, at least listen to them patiently and show your concern. Trust me, depressed people unburden themselves by at least 50 percent when you just listen to them patiently.

Some Hard Realizations are on your way…

It is bizarre but most of the times, there is an ego clash between two people, both suffering from stress and negativity. Both of them want the other person to contemplate their problem first. There is no denying the fact that most of us consider our own problems as the biggest problem in this world. As a result, we are not patient enough to listen to others’ problems. But the matter of fact is if you want to get heard, you need to hear them first.

The painful truth…

It gets worse for me to write this but you know the most of the people who committed suicide just wanted themselves to get heard. After a person commits suicide, how many of us are shell-shocked claiming that he/she was happy yesterday and had no reason to commit suicide? But you know, the matter of fact is that you can never know what is going inside the mind of the depressed person unless the person reveals it.

Many times you even criticize them saying that it is an act of a coward but tell me, who wants to end their life just like that. No, please don’t take me wrong. Neither I am encouraging suicides nor I am supporting the individuals who commit suicides. I just want you to feel the intensity of their pain which convinced them that the life on the other side will be better.

Your silent reading thus far says it all…You are struck by a hard realization, and now you want to help others and even yourself. 

The bottom line…

You might be wondering how to identify the people who need your help? Well, honestly, this question does not have an answer. But one thing you can always do is listen to the people who try to talk about depression. Always remember, if they seek help from you in any such matters, you need to realize how close you are to their heart. And this is why they are sharing it with you.


I don’t want to be hard on you. Quite possibly, your problems might be mighty than theirs. But then, even you will feel lighter and better just by helping them out. I am sure you might have experienced that when you are suffering, it feels lighter when the other person going through the same suffering shares his/her problems with you. Sharing the mental pain is a potential pain-reliever for both the parties. So let them share their pain so that you could also unburden yourself.

Here’s my question to you…Do you have that required patience to save a life?

Always remember, depression doesn’t have a face or a mood. Always remember, if one gets angry quickly or speaks less, go talk to them. Trust me, they just need your love. Let us stop ignoring our near and dear ones to an extent where they commit suicide to give a proof of their depression.

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You need to realize that a depressed person is so much absorbed with himself/herself that they cannot feel the outside world. Sometimes, the reason for this state of mind is that they know that they have every reason to smile but they are just not able to feel the reasons. The state of depression kills the ability to feel, and feel is the key to real happiness. As a result, people depressed might look happy but the feel inside is missing. And therefore, never get disguised by others’ smile, you may never get to know the burden of tears they were carrying. 

So, my dear friends, everyone is struggling one way or the other. Let us keep on moving. Let us keep on fighting the demons. Let us not run away from it or bail ourseves out of it. 

The issue of depression is the need of the hour…


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