How self-control is important to unlock the gates of high self-esteem?

(Last Updated On: March 12, 2018)

Today’s world is full of alluring mediums where most of us fall prey to the materialistic forces. Resisting the temptation has become extremely difficult. 

Getting carried away to the tempting drives might give us instant happiness and success. It is the reason why we begin to lose our self-control and commit ourselves to these choices. But is the success and happiness derived by committing to it real?

Straight out, there are no shortcuts to success, and happiness derived out of it is illusionary. Happiness is soon followed by regret. It is immensely important to stay away from these drives. And this is why our self-control has a vital role to play. The stronger our self-control, the less we fall prey to the luring drives. 

I shall explain how self-control is important to unlock the gates of high self-esteem. First of all, let us define self-control:

According to, “Self-control is the quality that allows you to stop yourself from doing things you want to do but that might not be in your best interest.”

A few daily-life practical examples of self-control:

For a student, self-control is resisting the temptation of going to friends get together today when he/she has a difficult exam tomorrow. 

For a married man, self-control is resisting the temptation of getting carried by the physical beauty of a woman.

For a parent, self-control is resisting the temptation of raising hands on their child when he/she commits a mistake.

For a stressed person, self-control is resisting the temptation of intoxication which is an elusive stress buster.

For a monetary-struggler, self-control is resisting the temptation to earn quick money by unethical means like gambling or theft.

For a failure, self-control is the resisting the temptation of giving up.

In such a competitive and stressful environment where every man is all by himself, boosted self-esteem has become quite essential and it is our self-control, which is responsible for our elevated self-esteem.

If we keep falling prey to the alluring mediums, we will never be able to ride high on our self-esteem. Ultimately, we shall keep on denying the internal happiness.

The journey of an individual to real happiness is a process. Let us try to understand the entire flow by realizing how self-control is important. 


First and foremost, self-control has to be an individual’s initiation to do the righteous things even if they don’t feel like doing it. Subsequently, self-control is a vital trait that enables to build a strong character. From there on, it the strong character of a person, which evokes confidence to resist the materialistic temptations. Once the temptations are avoided, the person begins to ride high on self-esteem. Eventually, a high self-esteem allows the person to unlock the real inside happiness.

Time for some Happy Realizations:

Self-control always prevents us from taking short-cuts and teaches us valuable life lessons. The journey en route self-control may not be easy but assuredly, it does not have brakes and reverse gears.

Ironically, we tend to get provoked and influenced more when we are asked not to do anything. It is easier when the discretion is ours. Let us initiate it ourselves than to be imposed by others.

Let us try to follow this process starting with small instances, which should give the confidence to practice it on immense subjects.

Moreover, let us stop making false commitments to ourselves. Yes, let us stop insulting our inner-self.

Let us start exercising self-control. Always remember, the evaluation of the character is always measured when nobody is watching, and not when everybody is watching.

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