What is a self-confession and why is it important?

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2017)

No one is perfect. It is quite human to commit mistakes and errors.  However, the important thing is to take the responsibility of the mistakes, take corrective measures to rectify it and make sure to never repeat it again. Interestingly, mistakes are of two types:

  1. Which gets noticed by others.
  2. Which gets noticed only by the individual who committed it.

In this article, I am addressing to the type two mistakes, which are committed solitarily, irrespective of whether anyone is around or not. Yes, I am referring to the errors which get unnoticed by others, the mistakes in which the person committing it is only the witness.

Well, these are the mistakes which only our inner-self is aware of, the errors which we cannot accept and admit it front of others. Thus, it becomes imperative to admit it in front of ourselves.

This confession of the mistake/error to oneself is nothing but a SELF-CONFESSION.

Few such mistakes in which self-confession is important:

Forming a negative opinion about an unknown person, taking the loved ones for granted, getting carried away by the materialistic drives, inner-self complexity, inferiority-superiority complex, avoiding compassion,  egotism, pervert thoughts, non-representation of the real self, unnecessary judgment about people, non-expression of thoughts, jealousy and comparison are some of the daily life mistakes in which only our inner-self is the witness.              


As most of the above-mentioned mistakes are not apparently seen by others, it becomes extremely important to make self-confessions where we admit our errors and mistakes to ourselves. Only when we admit it, we can rectify it to boost up our inner-self attributes like self-confidence and self-esteem.

Always remember, our instincts play a vital role in letting us know about our mistakes. Let us not avoid it just because we think nobody can see it or no one will get to know about it.

My dear friend, you are highly mistaken if you think likewise. Always remember, sooner or later, it will start reflecting in your attitude. Finally, it shall transform into your behavior where it will become virtually impossible for you to hide your mistakes even from the outside world.

Let us never forget that our mind is extremely vulnerable and gets carried away easily. Self-confessions boosts our inner-self to such an extent where even when we get alone time to think and do whatever we want to, we shall always be able to say no to ourselves from committing the things which are wrong.

The significance of self-confession:

Self-confessions help us to eliminate self-humiliation because when we are committing things which we know are wrong(mistakes), it leads to self-embarrassment and self-humiliation where we begin to curse and abuse ourselves. In the process, our self-love diminishes dramatically.

Let us summon into minds that self-love is the essence of quality living. Let us never neglect the mistakes. Be courageous to make self-confessions and never repeat those mistakes. This way, we shall always ride high on our self-esteem and self-respect. Absolutely, self-confessions will never let us fail the real test of our integrity and character.




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