Let us dwell inside our own aura…

(Last Updated On: September 26, 2017)

The stronger we believe in whatever we do, stronger will be the intensity of our aura. Let us push the boundaries of our aura so that we stop fearing anyone and anything.

The process:

We must refrain ourselves from doing things just for the sake of doing it. We will never be able to fully commit to it. As a result, we won’t be able to enjoy it. When we don’t enjoy it, we will never fall in love with it. Unless we fall in love with whatever we do, we will never be able to feel it. There will always be an inconsistency in our belief system.

When we lack self-belief, the size of our aura becomes microscopic. Finally, when our aura is small because of low self-belief, how can we expect others to believe in us? Because of our diminished aura, we are not able to fit into it. Ultimately, we look for shelter inside others’ aura.

One interesting point to be noted here is that when we shed inside others’ aura; we no longer remain fully responsible for our actions and expressions.

THEY become the controller of our responses. “THEY’ here refers to the person or the people inside whose aura we are residing. Most of the times, we are not able to sense it, but it is a fact.

We start seconding to whatever they express. We start believing that whatever they feel is right. In due course, we lose our individual opinions and judgments.

Unknowingly, we become dependent on them. Our views and opinions no longer hold any relevance, not only to others but even us. 

The consequences:

  1. We will lose our individuality and originality.
  2. We will never be able to take our own decisions.
  3. We will never be able to say NO to others.
  4. Our individual growth will be restricted.
  5. We will become an easy target for others to take undue advantages.
  6. We can never be a proposer; we shall always be a seconder.
  7. We will just remain a puppet for others.                      

We will just become a television whose channels will be changed by the person, in whose aura we are dwelling. We will not be able to become a leader, shall always remain as a follower.

Who are the ones having a strong, powerful and dominant aura?  

There are many such people having influential auras. Also, they might not share any common attributes. Some attract by their carefree attitude and some by their fearless attitude. Some enchant by their expressiveness while some by their silence. Many lure by their charm and several by their anxiousness. Some individuals pull us by their humor while many by their intensity. Some pull us by their physical looks and some their mental looks.

Nonetheless, one thing that we will find common in most of them is their self-belief, which is always on cloud nine. So, let us try to figure out how to elevate and boost our belief system.

Time for some Happy Realizations:

Straight out, we have to learn how to appreciate ourselves. We have to take pride in what we are and what we do. We have to feel proud of our physical and mental appearances. Taking pride in anything and everything we do is very important to uplift our self-attributes; self-esteem, self-belief, self-confidence.

Remember, when our self-attributes are high, we don’t need to worry about the size of our aura. Rest assured, it will always be high enough where we can speak whatever we want to. Our aura will be high enough to eradicate unwanted thoughts, where we stop getting affected by how others feel about us.

Finally, there will be no fear of getting judged, which nowadays is the biggest reason for a person’s downfall. Eventually, we will only be concerned about us at the first place. We will become our priority.

Surprisingly, others’ will also get attracted towards our strong and powerful aura. Always remember, when we have an enlarged aura, we don’t need other’s company to enjoy. We never feel insecure.

Therefore, let us start doing anything we do ‘Confidently’ because we are doing it anyways. Let us carry our strong and powerful aura along, anywhere and everywhere we go.


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