Happiness is awareness and appreciation of the now…

Some of us are busy equating happiness to the past instances while many are awaiting the instances of happiness in the future. Only a few of us are able to realize that happiness is right here, right now in the present moment.

In-depth Realizations…

The Past is gone, future is yet to come. The Past cannot change, likewise, The Future cannot be controlled. We can only take care of the things happening NOW. It is only the present moment which is always with us, EVERYWHERE. Anyone and everyone might leave us except the present moment, which will always be with us till our last breath. Let us try to enjoy its company and make it our best friend.

The essence to feel…

Be mindful of the fact that The Feel is inversely proportional to The Thoughts. When we are busy thinking about the past or future, we don’t realize that simultaneously, we are feeling less.  

Let us sink into our mind that Feel is the essence of Happiness. Feel is the essence of enjoying the Now. Let us stop thinking and start feeling.

On the contrary, what is happening with most of us is unnecessary thinking is keeping us away from feeling and enjoying the present moment. Consequently, We are lost more in our thoughts and are less responsive to our sense organs. As we are responding less to our sense organs, we have started losing the feel of the moment as our mind is engrossed in thinking. It is the reason we are lacking awareness in the now.

Most of the times, it is only our work which requires thinking. The situations which do not require thinking and we are still thinking signifies we are overthinking. Subsequently, over-thinking gives way to negative thinking. Finally, negative thinking keeps you away from sensing and experiencing the feel of the present moment and hence it denies happiness.

Time for some Happy Realizations:

Friends, Meditation is a beautiful technique, which surely makes us responsive in the NOW. Everyone must practice it to feel the essence of the awareness in the present moment.

There is no denial of the fact that we are surrounded by negativity all around. But, at the same time, it is also a fact that we are surrounded by positivity in the form of nature. It is quite strange that most of us are not able to feel the nature.

Friends, let us try to give some alone time to ourselves daily wherein we shut our minds for some time restricting thoughts, fully activate our sense organs and feel the environmental surrounding, try to feel the inner peace and calmness it is bestowed with,  and appreciate the beauty of it. Be aware of it and appreciate it, which in turn shall make us happy. It will enable us to enjoy solitude.

Whatmore, we shall become the sole reason for our real happiness. Our happiness will be independent of anyone and anything.

Always remember that Delaying Happiness denies happiness. Besides, most of us confuse quite often between the two words; Fun and Happiness. More often than not, most of us use it interchangeably.

Let us try to figure out some major differences between the two confusing words, Fun and Happiness…

Happiness is an abstract feeling of our soul, which is entirely our choice. It is an independent long-lasting feeling, which is not driven by materialistic forces. It is the true feeling, which is not elusive. It is inside us, which we don’t have to search outside.  

Fun is a feeling which is dependent on the outside world; people, time, situation, things, many other factors. Most of us are not happy now because we crave for fun. It is because we wait for the right time and place to be happy. Sure as death, it is fun, not happiness.

Fun is temporary, short-lived and deceptive happiness. At the same time, summon into minds that unless we are happy, we can never have fun.

Let us live life to create a memory out of every moment. Let us never wait for the right moment to be happy as there is no ideal time to be happy. Let us start releasing the happy hormones NOW. Yes, let us be aware in the present moment and appreciate it to explore the Real Happiness now.


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