A jack of all cards can compete with four kings…

(Last Updated On: February 5, 2018)

Most of you are familiar with the proverb “A jack of all cards but master of none.” But do you know it’s in-depth meaning?

Let us sink in deep into its connotation to connect with this article intensely.

Customarily, it is used to signify people who have some knowledge in many fields but do not have expertise in a specific domain. More often than not, people use this proverb sarcastically. It is more of a taunt to tell you that you are good for nothing. Yes, this proverb is used by others to demean you intentionally.

It is quite a negative connotation of this proverb and in this post, we shall try to explore the positive side of it…

My personal realizations:

There was a time when I used to get extremely demotivated by this proverb. I was going through a rough patch in my life. I was going through the process of self-realization. I was facing some serious difficulties in discovering my domain of core competence.

It was the phase when people used to shoot this proverb at me the most. These people were no one but my family and so-called loved ones. My ears got tired of listening to it. They used to tell it casually, never realized the intensity I got affected by it.

You know why I used to get hurt so badly?

It is because somewhere I knew they were not wrong by saying so. It felt like a stranger is rubbing salt in my open wounds, and I am bound to bear it. I could sense this proverb pointing fingers at me and saying “ You are a loser.”  I started feeling depressed. It is because there wasn’t any field in which I could feel that I am the best. Suddenly one morning, I sensed that overthinking has started taking a toll on my mental health. I realized that before it entirely ruins my mental health, I need to alter my outlook towards life.

I started to meditate, which was not easy initially. I kept on practicing it daily. Gradually, I started enjoying it. I sensed my way of thinking change and began to feel optimistic.

One day when I was meditating, I fathomed a realization. It made me feel positive, energetic and excited. It was nothing but the positive connotation of the proverb “A jack of all cards and master of none,” which shouted: “A jack of all cards can compete with four kings.”

Connotation of  “A jack of all cards can compete with four kings”

Even if you have little knowledge in every field, it implies you have all the choices available to explore the domain which pulls your interest the most. Of course, you would find many people better than you in every field. But if you are a jack of all cards, it means you have some idea, experience or knowledge in every field. Surprisingly, it means all the choices are available to you. It turns out to be a blessing in disguise for you.

You don’t need to do anything special. You just need to have a positive mindset. You will start feeling that the proverb, which once used to haunt you, was actually meant to guide you.

You just have to explore your inside and target the right field, which you have been neglecting till now. One day, you might find your interest turning into your passion, and you become the “MASTER OF ONE.”

So, never get disheartened. Stop underestimating yourself or taking yourself lightly. Take it positively if you are a jack of all cards. Consider yourself lucky that the ball is in your court with all the options available to choose “YOUR OPTION.” You just have to be patient, so that you find out the JACK, “YOUR JACK,” who can beat the king of that specific field. Yes mate, only you have the right answers to your questions. NEVER EVER QUIT.


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