12 signs that you might be depressed…


What is depression?

While it is common for everyone to surface negative emotions, there are some people who face these emotions intensely, for an elongated time, days, months or even years.

Sometimes, there is no apparent reason for depression and this makes this disease even worse because, in most of the cases, it is hard to recognize that a person is depressed.

Depression is the extreme of mental illness which triggers from a single negative thought and then takes a severe form. It adversely affects both the physical and mental health.

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Now, let us try to figure out the symptoms which signify that you might be depressed:

1. You think more and feel less

Feel is the essence of real happiness. Unnecessary thinking not only leads to negative thinking but also keeps you away from feeling. Revive the feel.

2. You are not aware in the present moment.

You are either lost in your past or busy thinking about the future. As a result, you don’t feel the now without realizing that real happiness is nowhere except the now. It is not dependent on the outside world.

If your sense organs are not doing the respective roles assigned consciously, you lose the awareness in the present moment, eventually denying the real happiness.

3. You cannot say no to others.

You are more concerned about pleasing others even if it is at the cost of displeasing yourself. You always agree with others even if your inner-self disagrees with it.

4. You wait for the right moment to be happy.

You are not happy now. The definition of your happiness is dependent on people and place. You crave for happiness outside without realizing that it is inside you.

5. You don’t enjoy solitude.

You don’t enjoy your alone time and fear the loneliness.

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6. You are not content with your possessions and credentials.

You expect too much out of you and as a result, keep on demeaning yourself. Instead of feeling proud of your achievements, you keep counting your failures. You keep coming hard on yourself and in the process, lose self-respect and self-esteem.

7. You try to compare and compete with others.


Instead of feeling blessed by comparing yourself with the people less privileged than you, the grass on the other side is always greener to you. You tend to attract negative emotions like jealousy and fear in the process, and eventually, begin to call depression.

8. You are too much concerned about your physical appearance and physical health.

You over-think about your physical appearance and physical health to such an extent that it infuses stress and fear. Gradually, you start killing the love for yourself. Again, it is a gateway to depression.

9. You encounter severe mood swings frequently.

It is common to encounter mood swings but when it goes down to the extreme of emotions, there is a lot to ponder upon. It is an eminent sign of depression.

 10. You are under the illusion of being judged by others.

You fear the judgments of people and so your subsequent move is according to people. It never allows you to do whatever you feel

11. Your mind gets tired quickly.

You could not feel the freshness of mind even in the mornings, you always feel sleepy and fatigued even after slightest of work.

12. The moments with alcohol are only the moments of your happiness.

You don’t feel happy unless you gulp a few drinks. Your count of drinks counts for your happiness. Beware…there’s a lot more you are losing if you are alcoholic!!! 

Final words…

If you could feel any of these symptoms, it might be a possibility that you are depressed. Please don’t ignore it and try to find out the causes for the same.

Depression is not a taboo. Let us start talking about it!!!