Nothing hits you harder than the process of Self-Realization and Self-Actualization…

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2017)

Let me start this post with a short story. It will make easier for you to connect to it. It is a typical father-son conversation, but it is not that stereotypical as it sounds.

An Interesting Conversation:

Father: Son, why are you sitting alone with a long face?

Son: Nothing Dad, I just want to be alone.

Father: Ok fine, then I should respect your privacy. Anyways, whenever you want to talk about anything, I am always around.   

Son: Dad, please stay. (After a long pause) Can I say something?

Father: (Smiles) Of course, go ahead. I am all ears.

Son: (Sighs) Dad, I am feeling very lonely and depressed. I don’t know what to do. I don’t have any idea where my life is heading. I am not able to find any course of action to be implemented.  My inner-self is at all time low. I look back and I only find failures. I am feeling worthless and helpless. I am not able to handle the stress. I am losing it. It has also started taking a toll on my conduct. My anger is taking a toll on me. I have begun losing my friends because of my behavioral changes. I am losing awareness. I am losing happiness. I am losing myself. Dad, I am losing everything. (about to cry).

Father: Relax son. Have a glass of water. (Calms him down and begins). Let me share a real-life incident with you which I underwent around 20 years back. That day, I got a salary hike, and I was returning home from the office. I had a scooter to commute to the office. On that particular day, because of the unpredictable and never-ending rain, I had to hire a public transport (bus) to come back home from the office.  My sister, I mean your aunt was in college those days. She used to commute by bus. While I was on my way back home that day, I was jubilant. I was happy because I got a raise that day. On top of that, I got a seat to sit on the bus which was almost full with one seat remaining. I occupied that place. I was feeling very lucky and happy. I was on top of the world. 

In due course, an elderly lady boarded the bus. She stood by my seat as there were no empty seats available. A few moments later, with a deep look, she expressed that she is fatigued and not able to stand. She wanted me to get up from the seat and allow her to sit. I was too high and busy in myself that I didn’t understand her pain. On top of that, with a grinning smile, I made fun of her. I even passed her lousy comments. I was so important to me that time that I was not able to realize her misery. She was so disturbed that she left from there and moved to the rear side of the bus. After some time, I turned back. Finally, she got a seat to sit. A girl, who whose age was around 20 had given her seat to her (old lady).

I was stunned to see who that girl was. You will be shocked too. It was none other than your aunt. Yes, it was my younger sister who taught me a lesson for a lifetime. I was ashamed. I felt embarrassed and conscience-stricken at the same time. In a matter of seconds, my egoistic soul underwent a suffering. I went pale. Neither I was able to face her, nor I was able to face myself.  My sister, who is five years younger to me had her values and morals intact.

She taught me a life lesson which is not available in the books. This knowledge is inbuilt within us. This realization is deep down inside us. Eventually, I realized that this is the process of self-realization and self-actualization which I underwent. Son, if you come across reasons to be happy because of yourself, you will find reasons to be frustrated because of yourself as well. It is a characteristic of a good human being. If you can explore this ability of yours, you must consider yourself lucky than to feel disappointed about it. Yes, it might wallop you but remember, nothing will groom you better than this process. The harder it will hit you, the stronger you will become. Son, the choice is entirely yours.  Either, you can sit back and regret your past mistakes and failures, or you can face it with the right attitude. Moreover, take it as a learning curve and polish yourself.

Son: (After listening patiently to his Dad). Dad, do you mean to say that everything is fine if I am going through all of these emotions and feelings?

Father: Yes my son, everything is perfectly fine if you are facing this situation. However, the important thing is how you perceive this mental transformation and how much you nurture after this process.

One more thing, you surely deserve an ice-cream treat for expressing your emotions.

Son:  (chuckles) Oh, thank you so much, I too think I need one.

The process:

It is a matter of the fact that we should enjoy our lives to the fullest, appreciate it and be thankful for it. Moreover, we must keep ourselves away from overthinking, which forces us to lose the awareness in the present moment by activating our subconscious mind.

However, there comes a time in everyone’s life when you ask yourself –WHAT NEXT.

 It is the time when you start taking into account your past achievements and failures. Subsequently, you start connecting it to your present and start calculating your current net worth. You begin to realize how it will shape up your future. It is nothing but the process of self-realization and self-actualization.

 It is the process which is more about the comparison, not with anyone else but with YOU. It is a critical transformation stage in your life when and where you get to see your true inner self, where you start seeing your reflection of inside. It is an experience when you get to meet your real YOU. It is a sensation in which you reveal your true identity to yourself. It is phenomenon after which no one else knows you better than YOU. It is a process when you start connecting the dots to realize what you have done so far. Have you done justice to you and your life and many such sorts of questions?

Remember, the process of self-realization and self-actualization can make you or break you. Also, one thing which we need to realize is in this world of hypocrisy and fakeness; not everyone gets to meet the real self. Consider yourself lucky if you have gone, are going or will go through this process.

  Who undergoes this process?

The people who fathom this realization could be the ones who have been wasting their time and depleting their energies in non-productivity. The people who get hit by this process might be the ones living a life full of fakeness or the ones who always opted for materialistic choices.

 The people who undergo this process could be the ones who have faced criticism, the ones who have tolerated bullies. Yes, the ones who have experienced failures, the ones who have suffered losses, the ones who have seen betrayals. It is also might be for the people who have gone through self-complexities, the ones who have endured tragedies, the ones who could not say no to others. 

To tell the truth, the people who go thro

ugh this process are the ones who have learned everything the hard way. Inevitably, this process of self-realization and self-actualization hits hard, really hard. How much can you endure?

Time for some Happy Realizations:

Absolutely, the process of self-realization and self-actualization is a very challenging and tough period. Nevertheless, if you have the patience and right attitude to deal with it; if you have the courage to face the truth; if you have the mental peace to realize your core competence, there is no stopping you. If you are brave enough to take the right decision at that point time irrespective of what others feel about it; if you have the endurance to abide by your decision; if you have the right amount of confidence to back up your abilities, then off you go, man. Breakfree and discover new limits.Remember, only the person who undergoes this process can make the discoveries.


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